Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Geesh! She looks too grown up....

Adeline looked so cute today dressed up for church.  Tights are on, high heels buckled, hair is in a bun, earrings are "clipped" to her ears, and smile couldn't be bigger.  She pranced around church with this excited look that said "look at me everybody". 
Gosh I love her!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adeline's New Barbie House

Mom had this barbie house in one of her storage units and James and I went and picked it up on our way down to Olivet.  It took up the whole back of the van and Adeline didn't even realize it the entire trip.  We brought it in late last night when we came home and I cleaned it up this morning before she woke up.  One of the coolest parts to it is the attic under the roof.  It's, it's own secret room!  Thank you Nana and Papa!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Family Pictures

The whole Bean gang.
The Bean kids....the ones we always forget to take pictures of :)

Muskegon Bean kids opening their gifts

This year there was a definite theme for Andrew and that was Angry Birds with a side of Lego's.
This game Andrew got from the Goshen Beans and we play it ALL the time.  It is a lot of fun!

During our last visit to Grandma's house the kids played with her Barbie pool.  Today for Christmas Adeline got her very own Barbie pool.  This will go perfect with her surprise Barbie house that is in the back of our van (which she doesn't know about).
Adeline got very cute grown up outfits/dresses from Aunt Betsey and Aunt Erin.  She immediately changed out of her snowman outfit (that she's worn everyday) and into one of the dresses.

Angry Bird slippers!
Check out this excited face as he see's a BIG stuffed Angry Bird.
Thank you Aunt Betsey!
Both kids with their stockings from Santa!
This has been a very fun exciting morning!
Merry Christmas!

Addy with her Aunts and Uncle

What I love/enjoy the most....watching others love/enjoy my children.  Thanks for loving my babies!

Score for the Muskegon Beans....

This year we had two very thankful little nieces.  
We got Brooke the Barbie car she had been wanting and Gabby her own princess shopping cart. (which turned into a stroller for her baby)  Always fun to watch kids open presents.

Before opening presents.....

Cozy time with Grandpa
Smiles with my boy and our cool noodle necklaces from Brooklynn

Twenty-Eighth Day of Advent

This special Christmas morning we did our Advent together with the whole Bean family.  James led us all in completing our picture/story.

"This is Christmas!  This is the day that Jesus was born, long, long ago.  This is Jesus' birthday.
When the shepherds went to Bethlehem to see the new-born babe, we are told that they found him 'lying in a manger'.
In the presence of such a wonderful gift, we, like the shepherds and wise men, want to give our thanks, also, for the Baby Jesus, who became the Savior of the world.
The word Christmas is made up of the two words, 'Christ' and 'mass'.  The word 'mass' means worship.  When we put the two words together, they say, 'Christmass' or the worship of Christ"

Monday, December 24, 2012

Twenty-Seventh Day of Advent

"The gift which the third wise man brought to Jesus was myrrh.  Myrrh, like frankincense, was made from the resin given off as sap from the myrrh tree.  Myrrh trees were low, scrubby, bushlike, and were highly prized for this fragrant sap.  Instead of being burned as incense, myrrh was most commonly used as one of the things in the oil used on the body in the Holy Land.  This oil was much like the skin lotions we use today. It was not only fragrant and sweet smelling, but it was healing as well.  Myrrh was, indeed, a welcome gift for Mary to use on the new Baby Jesus with his soft, tender skin."

Christmas Eve Music and Dancing

We came back pretty late to the Bean house but everyone was still awake and singing Christmas Carols.  The kids joined right in with the dancing and singing.  Look at Adeline so happy to be dancing with Gabby.  She is such a good big cousin.
She keeps praying that I will have a baby girl...."please God, I want a baby sister".  She says this a lot.  I'm alright if you answer her prayer Lord.....without having to go through IVF again.  I won't be upset if I miraculously get pregnant....just saying.  But....I am content and thankful for the two miracle's you have already blessed me with.

Forte Pictures

Grandma and Grandpa and their boys.
We're just missing Aunt Terry....I think they will all be together again in February so I'll have to remind Dad to get a picture then.
OUr family with Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma and Grandpa with the Grandkids (minus three)
My loves.
I don't know why Sophie is in the picture but oh well.
Show me some love!
Christmas Eve is a very special night to me and I pray and hope that next year we will all be together again.

Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's

Tonight we continued on the tradition at Grandpa and Grandma Forte's house.  With them getting older and having many health issues the past few years I have helped out.  This year we were considering having the night at someone else's house but after talking with an adamant Grandpa and Grandma and being reminded of just how important/special this night is to them we decided to still have it at their house....with a few conditions.  #1-I do all of the cooking and preparing  #2-Dad, Uncle Steve, and John carry and set up all of the tables and chairs #3-Dad, Uncle Steve wash all of the dishes.  I did let Grandpa do his relish trays but that was it.  Thankfully everyone stuck to their responsibilities and the night was wonderful.  In fact I think this might have been one of the best nights for me in a couple of years.
We had a small present opening time but the remainder of the night was spent talking, playing cards, laughing, and playing with the kids.  Adeline got some really fun Barbie clothes from Grandpa Forte that she was putting on her new Barbie.  Andrew got this cool remote control car that lights up.  He was going crazy!  Both kids got the Mouse Trap game from Uncle Steve that we play almost every day.
He just loves this.  It spins, rotates, and lights up.  So cool! 
"This is awesome!"  says Andrew

Adams girls were with their mom so he found himself missing them and playing dress up with Adeline.  She loved it.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twenty-Sixth Day of Advent

I LOVE Andrew's face in this.....
"The second wise man brought frankincense to the baby Jesus.  Frankincense is a white gum resin which comes as sap from the frankincense tree.  Most frequently it is burned as incense.  It gives off a very sweet smell.  At the time that Jesus was born, frankincense was burned as incense both in the home and in the temple at the time of worship.  It was also used as one of the four things in the holy oil used for anointing the priests.
Very often our babies are given fragrant powder or sweet-scented lotion as presents.  The gift of the second wise man must have added a nice fragrance to the lowly stable in which Jesus was born.  It showed, too, how mush this wise man adored Jesus."

Gifts from Great Grandpa and Carol

I just had to post this picture.  Please do not worry Grandpa and Carol....Andrew did love his present which you will see in a picture below.  But something had him so upset and I just happened to capture it on camera.  I think he is so cute when he cries.
Sweet Gabby, I think getting permission to open her present.
Adeline's happy smile
Two bakers in the house...there will come a day when they are both making/helping with the meal.....hopefully not for a long time though.
Here is the policeman.  Watch out, there's an officer on duty!

Christmas Pictures......

I think this might have been my favorite picture but everyone else's cameras were flashing at the same time.
Number 1
Silly faces
Muscles (check out Brooke...I love it)
Muscles again....this is my favorite.
Arms up!
Aunt Bethany made all of the girls dresses!  Good job Bethany....they all looked so cute.