Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Pictures!!!!

Today Adeline and I spent most of our day playing with her Princess castle. When I say most of the day I mean pretty much all day besides meals and her nap. She is addicted. While in Florida James and I found some Little Mermaid figurines (they were the only ones missing in the castle), they're a little bit bigger than the others but they work well. Each Prince is with his Princess and never to be separated. Normally she has two to three couples in her left hand while she figures out how to set up the other couples. Once one couple is set for example Aladdin and Jasmine I am ready to set up another but Adeline isn't pleased with where they are so we start all over. When I tried to get a picture of her playing this is what I got. A very upset Adeline. Hopefully I will have better luck later so I can show you how the castle turned out.
p.s. Elmo and Minnie Mouse are also a couple. Although James questions Minnie Mouse since she is married to Mickey and Elmo is probably four years old.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


We had an amazing week in Sarasota, Florida. Adeline traveled very well and adapted quickly to the nice warm weather. She is a true beach girl. She loved the sand and the water and could spend all day there.

Special moments: Spending time with Great Grandpa Bean, Adeline's reaction to her new Mermaid Pj's, Adeline's love for the beach, Adeline's love for marshmallow malts, playing with each Prince and Princess, seeing Jay and Trina and their six kids, date night (thanks Grandma and Grandpa), coloring on the sidewalk, growling like dinosaurs (had to be there), stroller walks, snuggle time in the morning, relaxing, sleeping in, and enjoying uninterrupted time with each other.

It is definitely different now that we have a child to vacation with. Different in a VERY WONDERFUL way. It is hard for me to truly express the happiness she brings to us each day and the joy we are filled with watching her grow and learn. She makes each day beautiful.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At 1 am....

....James and I went to bed. I kept telling him that I felt like something bad was going to happen. I felt very unsettled. I continued to pray over our house, family and Adeline for protection. Then I fell asleep.

At 2 am....Adeline woke up in her crib. I went in to get her and her first words were "baby" (meaning pick up baby) and "blanky" (meaning pick up my blanket). And then she lifted her arms so that I could get her. She was pretty warm, but with wearing a thick pj outfit, the warmer night temps, and teething, I didn't think much of it. I pulled her into the guest bed with me, unzipped her pj's and we tried to go to bed. Once again I felt like something bad was going to happen so I prayed for protection. Then I started to pray that if something bad did happen that God would watch over us. But, I stopped myself because who wants to pray that prayer.

At 3 am....a restless yet talkative Adeline.

At 4 am....Adeline started to lightly cry. I find drool on the pillow. I went to grab her and she was shaking. I sat up and pulled her into my lap but her head rolled back. I called her name and she didn't respond. We ran in to the bathroom where the light was on dim and I called out for James. I had her in my lap and realized that she was having a seizure. I checked her mouth remembering the stories of my sister when she had a seizure and was choking on her tongue. Her mouth was clenched shut but she wasn't choking. James ran in and took Adeline. We pulled her out of her clothes. Her hands were tight fists, she was shaking, and crying.

I grabbed my phone and called 911. The operator took my information and continued to ask me what my name was. I ran downstairs and turned on a light, unlocked all the doors and called for James. James called his Dad while holding Adeling to ask for help.

3-4 minutes later....I put pants on James in the kitchen because he was holding Adeline. She was no longer shaking but was limp and starting to cry louder. I called my mom and she said to take her temp, get a cool cloth, and give her some Motrin.

1 minute later....The Ambulance, Police, Fire Men, and City Truck all arrived. They came in and asked us questions. Adeline was still crying and unresponsive. They took her in her diaper with a blanket and I ran to the Ambulance. They told me I needed to ride in front so I only had a small window to look through to see my baby. She had an oxygen mask on with stickers all over her chest and they put in an IV. She was crying. We headed for the hospital and James followed us in the Jeep.

5 minutes later....We arrived at the Hospital. I met Adeline as they pulled her out of the Ambulance. She was crying, she looked at me and started to cry even more. She knew who I was. We went in to the room, they gave her Tylenol and drew her blood. She was just laying on the table, not fighting all the people around her. I sang her "Adeline" song in her ear to calm her. We changed her diaper because she was soaked. I asked if I could hold her and they said yes. What a feeling. She calmed down and fell asleep.

4 hours later...After blood work, an IV, Tylenol and Motrin, a urine sample, a chest x-ray, no more seizures, and no need for a spinal tap. The Dr. explained to us what he thought happened.

Adeline had what is called a Febrille Seizure which is caused by a fast rising fever. Normally a reaction to some kind of infection. Fortunately and unfortunately for us the only thing Adeline had was a minor left ear infection. I was sure she had a urinary track infection but that came back negative.

I continued to pray that this didn't happen again. In my family history my Grandma, Dad and Sister all had one and only one. But now 2 days have past and no evience of any reoccureence!

This week three of our friends had babies. Beautiful, precious babies. I remember holding Adeline for the first time after all it took to get her. The evening before Adeline's seizure I was talking to friends about two women who just recently lost their babies to SIDS and when Adeline did not respond to me I thought that I was going to lose her. I can not describe how horrible that felt. I tried to remain calm for the 911 call and the paramedics but inside I was falling apart. That awful feeling I felt the night before about something bad happening or going to happen. I prayed and prayed and prayed that this wasn't it. That I wasn't going to lose my baby.

And it wasn't. Thank you Lord! THANK YOU LORD!

I love you Adeline. I do not want to ever, EVER imagine life with out you. You are my baby. My Sweet Adeline.

Thank you Lord!