Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry Mom!!!

I absolutely love this.  If you see on the far right under behavior "good" is circled instead of "excellent".  This is Adeline's first "good" of the year and it's just funny to me that she wrote "sorry mom" above it and also on the far right she wrote "I love you Mom!"  She also wanted to inform us that it was because she was talking to her friend Mallory a lot (they just had a seating change) and that Mallory also got a "good".

Positive Office Referral

A very proud moment for James and I when we got a phone call from Adeline's school principal.  He wanted to thank us for sharing her with them and said that she was sent to the office for good behavior.  Adeline was so excited that he actually called us.  She was with him when he did.
Good job Adeline!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Matching hair...

Adeline and Olivia are all dressed up tonight for KMotion because they are going to be videotaped.  Olivia has been coming with us to church and Wednesday nights the entire school year.  We love this little girl and are thankful she enjoys coming to church with us.  Unfortunately she is no longer our neighbor so we have to be more intentional with our time but we are all looking forward to Spring and Summer.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Brooklyn Bagel

Daddy got a gift card as a gift from one of his basketball girls and he gave it to me.  Today Andrew and I went and enjoyed lunch together.  He's a pretty fun lunch date.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Andrew and Mommy date night....

It wouldn't be fair I guess for Andrew to just have to stay home with Mommy and do nothing.  Tonight we went to McDonalds and he actually was able to get a Happy Meal too!!!

 We couldn't forget an ice cream sundae...
After dinner we went to the store and picked up a fun Star Wars 3D puzzle that we finished the night putting together.  I sure do love my little buddy.

Father Daughter Dance

As soon as Addy came home we started getting her ready for the dance.  She needed to be ready by dinner time, where Daddy would pick her up and take her out on a date and then they would make it to the dance.  Our salon is the living room where Adeline chooses a movie to watch while I get her hair all ready.  The movie today is Bolt.
Look at that long hair!
Adeline said that she wanted her hair in a bun so I found a cute braid bun off the internet we were going to try.  Two small braids in the front that connect into a pony tail in the back which I then braided and wrapped around and pinned into a bun.
And we're all done.  Time to get dressed and ready!!!
And we couldn't forget to wear matching nail polish.

Sweet baby girl all ready for Daddy!!!!

He's home.....Adeline is so excited and loves her beautiful wrist corsage Daddy bought her.

 They went to their same usual date night place Fazolli's!!!
 Adeline got herself a lemon ice one of the highlights to Fazoli's.
Daddy and Addy about to leave for the dance.
When they came home Adeline talked about how much fun she had.  They did crafts, ate cookies, and danced a lot.
Below are the fun shot from the photo booth.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adeline's Black History Month Celebration

Adeline was very excited and all dressed up for today.  The was actually scheduled for the end of February but with a school cancellation it had to be postponed.  So glad I can make these events.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mother's Day Celebration

Today I got to spend the morning with Andrew.  This was a day where the kids celebrated their Mom's (just like the time they had with their Dad's).  They made us yummy pizza and jello for dessert.  We made crafts together including a picture frame to hold a picture they took of us there.  I love little times like this with Andrew...he is always extra loving and snugly.
 What is your Mother's name?  Charity Bean
What does she do?  She vacuums rooms, cleans up and does the laundry
How old is she?  43
How tall is she?  Andrew stood up on his tip toes and raised an arm above his head.
What is her favorite animal?  Bunny
What is her favorite drink?  Pop
What is her favorite color?  Pink
What is her favorite food?  She likes everything
What is her favorite move?  Despicable Me 2 and The Real Star Wars
What is her favorite TV show?  Hair shows
Where does she take you for fun?  Outside
What do you want to tell her on Mother's Day?  I love you!
Andrew's description of his drawing:  We're walking home from school and I'm going to give Mom a present.  Then I'm going to say Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

More Frindle.....

Glad Andrew is listening to the story!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Visit with Great Grandma...

It seems to difficult to get a picture with everyone looking.  I love this lady so much and I am just thankful I can still take pictures with her.

Best attempt... a smiling picture of all the kids with Aunt Betsey.
They do love you.....and miss you already.

Closing Ceremonies....

Each kid got their own "chocolate" medal
All the kids on the podium for a picture.
And the gold medal winner is.....Betsey Bean
Buds for life
Got a nice smiley one of Andrew with Aunt Betsey and Adeline.
A whole group shot....pretty fun group, pretty fun day!
The brother's and sister's supporting Betsey who just won a blank check from 5/3 Bank!!!
Congratulations Betsey....remember your family when filling out and spending the check.

The "BetsKathalon"

The kids have been anxiously awaiting for Aunt Betsey's arrival!!!!!  We'll see if everyone's hard work pays off.  Grandma, Aunt Erin, James, and Uncle Josh have been working VERY hard in getting everything ready.
Of course you have to have the proper welcome....
And opening ceremony (including the lighting of the torch).
Let the games begin...
This was a pretty funny game to see Adeline and Joanne try to do.
Let's just say we didn't win...
The balloon pop game....possibly my favorite!  But how can any adults pop the kids balloons?
This great video captures Betsey and Joanne's competitiveness.
Fun was had by all!!!  All kids were declared winners....

Addy and Aunt Betsey!!!