Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Late night, Early morning

I know it was early when I first heard the girls, but I must have fallen back asleep.  I guess they woke up before 7:00, came downstairs, got some bowls and cereal and turned on the t.v.  No one could figure out how to change the channel so as Maya said "we watched the weather forecast".  With no t.v. to watch they came back upstairs and played in Adeline's room.  They didn't come and get me until 8:00 when a Lego toy broke.  Too funny!  I took the picture below of what I found when I came downstairs.  Each bowl was still filled with the lucky but all of the charms were gone.
The lucky charms didn't fill them all up because they each ate four homemade donuts....Andrew had five.
Anna had swim lessons in the afternoon so after lunch and showers we all headed into the van.  I asked the girls for a picture before we left.  This is just a great picture.
Andrew was in the van and was upset that he wasn't in the picture so I took a special one just of him.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Backyard Movie Night!

The moment we had all been waiting for.
It is time for our backyard movie showing of The Lion King.

Adeline, Maya and Anna were all in their own tent with blankets and popcorn.
Andrew and Sophie were also in their own tent with blankets and popcorn.
I would call it a total success!  James did an awesome job setting up everything and that movie sounded so great with our cool new outdoor speakers.  The kids watched the entire thing (besides Mufasa dying, which we skipped over).
We lined up all three of the girls sleeping bags.  Before bed we all held hands and said a prayer.  This prayer was very special to me because we went around in a circle and each girl said their own genuine prayer.  It was very sweet.  I am so thankful for these girls.

Dirt Cake take two....

This is the response I got when I announced it was time for cake.....
James' solo happy birthday song for Adeline :)
Addy and her girls.  I am SO happy Adeline has been able to develop such great, close relationships with Anna and Maya.  I pray that these relationships last forever.
Andrew with his worms....Anna snuck in at the end.
Sweet Sophie!  I'm so glad she stayed.  Thanks Ryan and Angela for sharing her with us.

"It is time"

The sleepover is finally here.  
Adeline has her two best friends over Anna and Maya and we kept a third (close, special) friend Sophie also.  The kids played and played .  Playing with Adeline's new chalk (pretending to eat it).  Thanks JoAnne!

Jumping on the trampoline....don't look Ryan, there was more than three at a time.
and driving around the power wheels.  
And I wonder why we haven't been to the park much....maybe it is because our whole backyard is like a park....

They even came inside for a bit to play with the Barbies.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baptism Service

We had a beautiful, HOT outside service today.  It was great to spend this time together worshiping with our   friends and church family.

Ryan Thomas was one of the many that chose to take the next step in their walk with the Lord and get baptized.  Congratulations Ryan!
A potluck followed and I have never seen so much food!  Three long lines of tables covered in food everyone brought.  I ate until my stomach almost burst.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Lego fun!

I love this picture.  I wanted to show Adeline's house with it's own flat screen t.v.  The only thing was that she was in her underwear.  I had her put on an apron for the picture and then Andrew wanted one and then he didn't.  He was not happy at the time this was taken.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toy's R Us gift card

Today is Adeline's official birthday!  Unfortunately we had to postpone her sleepover because she came down with a high fever yesterday.  She was feeling better today, enough to go to the store and get out of the house.  Adeline got a gift card from her Aunt Betsey and she knew just what she wanted to get....A big tub of lego's!  Thank you Aunt Betsey!

Adeline also so generously, with her birthday money, bought Andrew is own Lego firetruck.  We spent all day playing and building.

Monday, July 23, 2012

We love the beach!

Just another summer day for us.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Photos

Just some candid family pictures taken throughout the day.
Daddy and Andrew
Aleisha, me, Mom, and John
Addy and Nana
Addy and Grandpa Forte
Addy and Aunt Erin
Nana and Andrew
Grandma and Aunt Erin putting out a fire
Addy and "Aunt" JoAnne
Grandpa and Grandma Bean with the Muskegon Bean Grandkids
The Forte Grandkids...Adeline, Andrew, Aliyah, and Michael
Addy and Mommy
What a fun, beautiful day we had celebrating our little girl.

Present time

Family and friends were way too generous.  Adeline was so excited to open all of her gifts and so were many of her friends.  
Adeline smiling at her friend Maya while she reads her birthday card.
Addy and Mommy, thanks JoAnne! 
 Adeline got this crown from kindergarten and was sure to wear it today.  She had to make sure it was on right so that it wouldn't fall off.
One happy girl!  Thank you for all of the thoughtful gifts.

Dirt Cake and Lion Cupcakes

Thanks to Bethany for the Lion cupcake idea and help.  We made and decorated over 50 cupcakes!

It's hard to believe that this is Adeline's sixth birthday.  Her sixth party.  Her sixth "Happy Birthday" song.
Oh this makes me sad.

Happy Birthday sweet girl, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Sophie loves oreo's and Andrew loves frosting.
I think I heard that Andrew ate (licked the frosting off) of maybe three cupcakes.

Little Liam was his challenger.  
When everyone was away, Little Liam made his way back to the table with the cupcakes.