Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Playdate with the Corbins....

Adeline got a very sweet call from Maya yesterday asking about a certain present she knew Adeline was getting.  They also set up for us to have a play date.  We came over for lunch and then the kids played while Angela and I were able to catch up.  It was a really nice afternoon.
I first asked for a picture of Addy and Maya but I needed to remember that there were two little siblings that did not want to be left out.  So this picture shows all the kids.  The girls with their dolls and Andrew with his Minion.
Then the three girls
Then the two older ones
And one of the little ones....
Fun day, fun kids, fun friends!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

PIzza and fun at Nana and Papa's with cousins...

Always fun to spend time with Nana and Papa.  Even more fun with cousins and pizza.  I know Nana was in her glory but I felt bad for Papa with how loud the kids were, running all over the place.

The Lady I so missed over Christmas....

So glad I got to see this lady.  We pray for Great Grandma Forte every day.  Altheizmers is a very sad disease.  It is very hard to watch someone you love with it.  It is very hard living far enough away that you can't always be there.  I wish I was closer.  I wish I could take care of her.
This picture is taken after we did two loops around the house trying to encourage her walking.  She did great.  We also did all of her exercises together.  I was impressed with how well she did.  I am sure having someone new there to do it with helped.  I know this isn't one of the best pictures of her but I love it because what you can't see is how tight she is holding me.  She pulled me so close and I know that in that moment she knew who I was and appreciated the love I gave.  That was her way of telling me.  It sure felt good.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Meet Rebecca!!!!

Adeline has been saving her money for Rebecca.  I searched through my Dad's closet and all of our boxes here hoping to find my Samantha doll but I did not find her.  Adeline has been wanting an American Girl doll for a long time.  We looked together through a catalog to find the one she wanted.  We looked for one that looked most like her.  Rebecca has brown curly hair and has hazel eyes.
When we were over at Nana's last she was asking a lot of questions about the doll.....come to find out she wanted to get it for Adeline.  This is Adeline's Christmas and birthday present from Nana and Papa.  I am sure it brings back memories for Mom from when I was a kid getting Samantha.
Adeline was overjoyed and in complete amazement that she got Rebecca.  The video is long but so worth seeing her face.  Since then Rebecca has not left her side, they do everything together.
Thank you Nana and Papa I think this gift just might count as Adeline's most favorite gift ever.

Leiby Christmas

Thank the Lord we were all healthy and able to travel down for the Leiby Christmas.  We worked it out with Sunday school so that we would stay the night and go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Forte.  It was nice to see everyone, they all enjoy seeing the kids and watching their energy.

Always fun to see cousins.  I heard a lot of thumping on the floor above when the kids were up there.  I came up to ask that they not wrestle and come to find out most of the wrestling was not between Michael and was Aliyah and Andrew.  Oh Aliyah, you are so cute, can I just take you home?

We had a surprise celebration for Uncle Don because he turned 60!  It was very sweet to see him tear up when he came down the steps and we all started singing.  That is what family is about....making sure those you love know it and feel special.
Very special to get this picture with Great Grandma Bonner and our four generations.....

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

James and I were still pretty much out of it today.  We tried to make the best of it with the kids before we headed home.  We finished our nativity with Jesus being born.  This is the second year we have done our felt nativity board.  Grandma had given us our very own as a gift over Thanksgiving.  So fun that we have our own now and will be able to use it every year.

Adeline read the last day scripture and meditation.  Some day soon both kids will be able to read and go back and forth.....
My dear friend Angela will be heading off to Indonesia in a week to start her calling as a missionary.  I was not able to see her off because we were sick and I am glad I didn't because that would have been terrible for her if she got sick and then had to travel.  She gave gifts to my Dad and he dropped them off when he stopped by to pick up the food on Christmas Eve.  I am glad that we left these until Christmas day so that the kids had a present to open.
Adeline got a very sweet doll who represents an orphan from Afghanistan and had a story book telling about her life.  Andrew got his first toy Minion.....they were both so happy.  Thank you sweet Angela for loving my kids and being so generous.

And then came the time to leave.  The kids did not want to say good bye to Aunt Erin....they were holding her down.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pic's with Grandma and Grandpa Bean

Adeline and Andrew each chose to use some of their own money to buy Grandma and Grandpa Bean presents.  I was very proud of how thoughtful their gifts were.

Pic's with Uncle Josh and Aunt Bethany

Adeline and Lily all dressed up to go for a wagon ride :)
To say Adeline loved her dress and bonnet would be an understatement.....Thank you Aunt Bethany!

Andrew and Uncle Josh making tough guy faces with their swords.

Gifts from Great Grandpa Bean and Great Grandma Carol

All of the kids took turns opening up their gifts from Great Grandpa Bean and Great Grandma Carol.  Adeline was very excited to get another Be My Girl doll Lily.  Andrew got a very fun remote control truck.  This was perfect because all of his other trucks have broken.....  Thank you Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Carol.....we love you!

Christmas on Saturday

We started Saturday like it was Christmas.  With coffee cake and the Christmas story.  After that we were able to Skype with Betsey so that it was like she was there.  We then started with the kids who opened up their presents.  I think this year we went youngest to oldest and each kid opened up one gift at a time.
After the kids we did the adults, and then we all did our stockings along with Betsey.  Grandma had mailed out her stocking so that she could be a part of it.

Fun Star Wars toys the kids loved.

All four kids......

Grandma made each of the kids blankets along with a fun stuffed animal.  The kids were in love.
I made Aunt Betsey smile for the glad we got to share this time with her.
Two random shots of me with the kids.....

I'm glad we got to enjoy today because it was all we had for our Christmas celebrations.  Unfortunately both Brooke and Gabby got sick Saturday night which then caused a domino effect with every one else in the family.  Andrew got sick on Sunday night, James and I were both sick on Tuesday and Wednesday and thankfully Adeline did not get sick.  But since we were all sick we had to cancel all of my family plans including Christmas Eve with my grandparents and Christmas day with my Mom.  The Lord gave me strength to still cook the meal but I just had my Dad come and pick it up.
I know that these things happen but boy was it hard.  I am praying that next year we can all be healthy.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our Little Christmas

We will be driving down to Olivet/Charlotte for Christmas festivities tomorrow night so we decided to have our little Christmas tonight.  This years theme was family games so the kids got a few games and then a lot of stocking stuffers, along with one other present.  It was fun seeing the joy on their faces.
This year both Adeline and Andrew had their own Santa shops at school and were able to buy gifts for James and I and each other.  I think the kids were more excited about the gifts they got for James and I than the ones they got.
Andrew got James some bungee cords. 
Adeline got James some Michigan post it notes.
Andrew got me a purple LOVE pillow
Adeline got me a pot holder and a magnetic grocery list
I love my kids.

The kids also enjoyed opening up their gifts that they got for each other.  Andrew got a Star Wars Angry birds book and Adeline got a beautiful bracelet.
Look at the love.

Visiting Santa

Last year we visited Santa at Bronners and Andrew was extremely scared.  This year the kids had no problem sitting in Santa's lap and we were able to get a nice picture.  They both just look so grown up to me.  
When visiting Santa and all through the Christmas season we remind our kids what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.  We put Santa in a category along with princesses and make believe.  Someone who is not real.  This year Adeline and I were able to talk some about the real Saint Nicholas and the many kind things he did.  We want our kids to have a balance but to also be able to enjoy the fun traditions of Christmas.  At times it is hard to control when they get spoiled by family but we always go back to Jesus and His birth.