Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting ready for the Bavarian Inn...

We'll be swimming a lot so we have to make sure our toes and fingernails are painted.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I was videoing Andrew but the Adult conversation overpowered my video taking. Listen to the conversation as Grandpa Bean is getting hammered for eating ALL of the butterscotch cookies. He was told that next time butterscotch cookies were made he was not allowed to have any.

The kids jumping on Uncle Josh

The kids decorating the tree. Adeline wanted to make sure she puts the ornaments high enough so that Andrew couldn't get to them.

My niece Aliyah blows on her arm and makes toot noises and now Brooke blows on her feet to make the same noise. This is by far the best entertainment.

Decoratig the Christmas Tree....

Ahhhh...taking a break
Fun in a basket
Tim's Pizza for dinner
The jumping game with Uncle Josh

Man oh man, I am in love with this boy...just click on the picture so you can see him close up...he is so cute.
My big girl putting on ornaments. She was such a good little helper.
My shot with Brooke
Andrew putting on his ornaments

Not all of them made it on the tree
A little help from Uncle Josh to get the ornaments up high
I am thankful for my husband
Addy and Grandma
Grandma and her granddaughters
All lit up
And then at the end Andrew decided to fill a basket with cars and carry it around everywhere.

The Christmas Tree

Mmmmmm....look at those cheeks.
The kids with Santa. Andrew wanted to hold the football the entire time.
Brooklynn in Addy's old coat that she got from Grandma Bean. But where are her hands???
Daddy and his boy (with his football).
Family shot. It was cold but not too cold and no snow! A perfect day for cutting down a Christmas tree.
We tried to get a shot of the kids. A little bit hard with two almost two year olds.
Alright everybody give Uncle James a hug.
So check out Brooke's right hand. It isn't even in the mitten. It looks like she doesn't have a hand. The part that impressed me most was that it didn't seem to bother her.
While James was cutting down the tree Andrew came over to help. I love this picture with his hand on James back. Andrew has such a good fatherly role model.

Andrew made off with Aunt Bethany's cane.
And here he is talking to the trees.
Our tree cutters. Umm Josh, that's a little too weird.
Some pretty cute Bean kids..and Josh.
Brothers and their babies.

Sunday morning with the Philly Beans

We skipped church....I know, I know. As we were driving back from the game and the kids were still awake I asked James if he thought that maybe, just maybe his Mom would let us skip church. He didn't think so. BUT when we got back his Mom actually suggested it because we were planning on making it to the early service (because we were going to get the tree) but with the kids it would have been too much. Ahhhhhh....we let the kids sleep in and Andrew didn't wake up until 10:30.
Addy got to have breakfast with Brooke.
And they had a bath together. It was so nice to see Addy showing Brooke the same kind of love her older cousins were showing her the other day.

Probably one of the only pictures where Andrew looks smaller than Brooke.
Uncle James with little ones.
Big Sissy/Cousin Adeline.
Uncle Josh and the girls.
Jump, jump, jump. Brooke was having so much fun jumping. It turned into a fun game with Addy, Brooke and I.

Snacking on the cookies. Adeline fell in love with Brooke's vanilla Oreo's.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Olivet Football State Championship

Saturday evening we went to Ford field and watched the Olivet Eagles play. Grandpa Bean is the team Dr. so the kids were able to watch him from the stands.

Family picture. Andrew was praying for the team unfortunately since he can't speak right now God didn't hear his prayer and Olivet lost. Maybe next year.
Thankfully Grandma packed a bag for the kids. I did not and this bag helped keep the kids busy.

Aunt Erin picking a fight with Andrew.
The kids favorite part was watching the marching bands at half time.