Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 30, 2010

Addy and Andrew in the leaves

Last fall I actually raked the leaves and I was so proud of myself. But...not all of them made it to our front yard for pick up. We have been moving them to the front each week but there can only be ten bags at a time.....we had about thirty. While I was moving some of the bags the kids decided to have some fun and try to empty some of them.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awana Night

Adeline joined Awana this past December. It starts in the Fall and ends in the Spring. Since she started a bit late she was eight weeks behind in her book. Each week the kids learn memory verses and earn patches to put on their vests. I am pretty proud to say that Adeline learned two verses a week to catch up to all of the other kids and for her last night she needed to memorize four verses and their references due to being sick and leaving for vacation. She did it no problem. If you ask Adeline what she enjoys most about Awana she would tell you her friend Maya. These two have built a very special friendship in the last months and they really enjoy each others company. I love watching Addy interact with her friends and the excitement she has when they get together.
We were very proud of Addy as she completed her first year of cubbies and went up on stage to get her certificate. The leader even mentioned how she started late and caught right up. What a big girl.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our trip home....

After a week of beautiful weather and many new memories it was time to come home. It took us 23 1/2 hours to get back. James and I had to pull off a couple of times to sleep ourselves. We drove through some bad weather but made it back safely. Here are a couple pictures of our trip home.
Another stop to the Waffle House for breakfast. James' traditions now become our traditions.

Just hanging out in the car. Notice Addy's mad lips. She didn't want the picture taken.

A big thank you to the Diller family for letting us borrow their dvd player. Adeline had a fun time wearing headphones and listening to her movie of choice.

One last snuggle

Addy and Grandma enjoying one last snuggle in the hammock before we leave.

Sad Saturday

This was officially our last day on the beach. The Philly Beans were leaving that afternoon and the Muskegon Beans were leaving that evening. We spent a couple of hours on the beach and then headed back to the house to finish packing. It was a very windy day so the waves were very high and strong. Addy and I braved the water a couple times hopping the waves.
A little girl had a bunch of toy trucks she was playing with. Andrew absolutely LOVED them. What a great idea!
Playing with Brooke
Cleaning out the wheels.
I love this shot of his little body....just looking out at the water.
Addy and Andrew playing in the shallow water.
Lifeguard? I am sure some day anyone would love to be rescued by this guy.
Sweet face
Brooke playing
trying to get a shot with my boy
Happy faces always count even if were not looking at the camera
The Mommies

My hubby and I spending our twelfth year together on this beach. Many more to come.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Last night of ice cream

Not too far from the house is this little ice cream shop. We at least make one stop during our trip to enjoy some ice cream.

Friday Evening

Grandma and Andrew
Kids eating their dinner
What a fun shot. Addy, Uncle Josh and Brooke
My turn Daddy.
We found this deep hole in the sand the kids both decided to climb in.

All of the Bean ladies
The BEAUTIFUL sunset
Mommy and Andrew. He was covered in sand. I remember thinking why did I give him a bath?
Just a random shot of the two together.

Piggy back with Uncle Josh.

Our last full beach day.....

After Turtle Beach we went to Siesta Key for the day. This was our last full day so we (Addy, Bethany, Brooklynn, and I) stayed all day. Everyone else left after lunch. I love how Adeline doesn't get sick of the beach. I think she and I are going to have many days like this in the coming years.
A great story involves this little girl in the picture. I was sitting in a chair and I suggested to Addy to go and introduce herself and see if they could play together. She went up to her and said Hi and told her her name. The girl didn't respond just looked at her parents. Addy came back to me upset and I told her that I would play with her and that maybe the girl was shy. Not long after that the little girls Daddy came up and informed me that they were from Germany and she didn't speak English. It all made sense. After that they played together for quite a while without much conversation.
Andrew and Daddy in the shade.
Andrew was told many times not to go under the lifeguard tower. He was all about pushing the limits. He would go up there turn around and look knowing that he was being naughty. So mischievous.
That's the face I'm talking about

So I knew that I needed to try at least once to get Andrew into the water. He was all about the sand and large sand puddles off the water. As you can see it didn't go to well. I love how Addy is encouraging him in the background. Maybe next year.
Family shot up at the Pavilion

Turtle Beach

Friday morning Addy and I headed to Turtle Beach to find some shells. This beach doesn't have a lot but it does have much more than Siesta Key. We also collected some sand from Siesta Key Beach and will put it in a container at home for Adeline to have.
I really enjoyed this Mommy and Addy time.
Getting some of the shells
Here are the shells. Aunt Bethany and Brooklynn were also there getting some shells. Thank you Aunt Bethany for taking pictures of us.