Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lotion time

I didn't get to wash my baby in the tub (Andrew that is), but I did get to lotion him up.

Another Princess Package

Thank you Uncle Josh, Aunt Bethany, Brooklynn and Smash for my Birthday present.
What a creative idea! Adeline has already worn most of the bows. We will hang this in the perfect spot where Andrew can't destroy it. Thank you. We love you.


Addy took her nap with me today since I have been able to function so much better. I wanted to take a picture of she and I but she insisted our toys make it into the picture as well. Sally Portia is for me and Addy has Buzz, Woody, and her little pink bear she got from Aunt Betsey. Even with these toys we really did sleep. Thanks for the snuggle baby.

Friday, July 30, 2010

It came, it went

At 6 am Thursday morning James and I went to Mercy General Outpatient surgery to prepare for my surgery at 8 am. Everything seemed to go smoothly. I had a complete tare of my ACL and also tore my Meniscus. James and I headed home at around 2 pm. once the general anesthetic was wearing off. My whole leg was numb so I didn't feel much until the following day. The Dr. said that it would be four months until I can run, two weeks before I can drive, and within four weeks he wants me to be able to bend my leg at a 90* angle. I have an appointment next week and from there we will set up physical therapy. James carried me upstairs to bed where I slept most of the day. James Mom has come for a week to help me with the kids....or basically take care of the kids.
This morning I woke up feeling ok but since the numbing of my leg was wearing off I was hoping the pain meds would take away more of the pain. I called the Dr. office because I had also had some bleeding so I just wanted to inform them of all that. The nurse said that she would let the Dr. know and that they would call me back about the medication. At 9:30 I got up to use the bathroom and it felt like a brick was sitting on my knee. It was so painful. I made it back to bed and took a pain med since it was time and waited for it to work. It didn't. I could not believe the pain I was in, it was unbearable (and I consider myself pretty tough). I could not get a hold of anyone, James or his Mom. So I just cried and cried. I called the Dr. office but the nurse was of no help saying that I just needed to wait. Finally I got a hold of James who called his Dad and then the Dr. office, with no answer from the Dr. I took another med. Which didn't seem to work for another hour. I felt so completely helpless. My Dr. wouldn't call back, James was at work, James Mom was at the store with the kids and wasn't getting my calls (she didn't know I was in so much pain). Finally the pain started to go away and my Dr. called at 1 pm. prescribing something else. Not a fun morning. Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Addy was my little nurse who brought me my meds, some bread to eat it with, a card that she made, Sally Portia (her stuffed bear), and beautiful flowers. She told me that since my leg hurts she has been praying for me to feel better. I think her prayers are working.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is it....

...I hope that by the end of August I can make it back to the beach with the kids probably with some help. But if not we made the most of our time today. This was just the kids and I and we had so much fun. The waves were very big so the kids only went in the water if I was in there with them. We spent most of the day in the water and some time on the sand eating lunch, snacks and building sand castles for Andrew to immediately crush.
Adeline showing off Ariel and her new car
I just thought Andrew looked so cute sitting here by himself playing. Normally he is throwing sand at me and laughing or trying to wrestle.

I told Adeline that I needed to take a five minute break and then we would go back into the water so she decided to take a break with me.
With the waves as strong as they were I put floaties on both kids. Normally I feel confident enough just holding Andrew but not today...the waves were knocking me over too.Andrew normally climbs on my back and rubs sand in my hair but he was preoccupied with something else.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Princess Mail

Adeline received a special package in the mail from Aunt Bobbie and Bev. This package was filled with tons of princess goodies. It seemed like the box was never ending. Thank you for all the great gifts we will have fun playing with each one of them.

The countdown

I have three days left until my surgery and I plan on soaking up as much beach fun with the kids as I can. Rain is on the forecast for Wednesday so today and tomorrow are our beach days. Today Missy called me in the morning thinking that we could probably work it out to take all the kids to the beach. She was watching Ryan and Noah but with our van we thought it was doable. And it was. We spent about four hours at the beach with very happy kids.
This summer we have gone to the beach at least two to three times a week. Adeline has become such a fish I am sad that it has to end.So cute. I just can't get enough of him
Noah wore Addy's Ariel floaties and had a blast riding the waves
The ladies posing for pictures
Check out Anna's new haircut. It is so adorable. I think Missy put it right when she said "she looks like a kindergartner".

Let's let Matthias take a picture too
Pure cuteness again
I think Ryan only got out of the water once and that was to eat lunch and then he was back to swimming
Missy buried Matthias in the sand
On the way home the kids watched Addy's new Leap Frog video. I always clean up my kids and dress them back in their clothes because within five minutes after a long day at the beach Andrew is knocked out. Less sand in his bed this way.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Adeline

We love you!

She was a Princess Four Years Ago...

And she is still a Princess today!


It was just like I remembered from last year. All of the kids swarm around while presents are being opened and normally I am the one stuck in the middle trying to control it. Thank you friends and family for being so generous, Adeline loved each and every gift.
Adeline had the same response each time she opened a new gift "Oh thank you, this is just what I was thinking about." It was so sweet too because she wanted to go thank each person after each present she opened and we had to convince her to say all of her thank-you and give hugs and kisses after all of the gifts were opened otherwise it would have taken so long.
This is what Andrew thought of Adeline's gifts
Adeline's present from the Morse's was in a Flavor-ice box and before even opening the box she thought the flavor-ice was her gift so of course she said "Oh thank you, this is just what I was thinking about" But inside the box was a brand new Snow White Dress (which we will be wearing to Disney this Spring). We still have tickets left over from our honeymoon and feel that this Spring would be the perfect time for Adeline to experience Disney for the first time. The Morse family is going to be going with us but I am a little concerned now since Phil told Adeline that she needed to take a bite of a poisoned apple. It was a pretty funny joke but right after he said that Adeline opened up her next gift which was a Snow White apple purse and gloves. As Adeline says..."Phil, you need to go to the dungeon"
Aunt Erin, we love you. Thank you for taking all of the pictures...this one especially turned out well.

The Birthday Song

So I wasn't sure quite were to put the candle on the cake. I didn't want to lite Barbie on fire so I stuck the candle in her skirt. Unfortunately the candle didn't want to stay lit so I had to keep lighting it.
All three girls staring at the Princess
I think Addy was a bit disappointed with the candle but we got it lit just in time for her to blow it out.
Sophie enjoyed some ice cream while asking me in her sweet voice "may I have some cake too please?"
Daddy wanted a picture with Addy but she was being uncooperative so Daddy said "ok, I'll just take one with Maya" (who snuggled right into his lap). Instantly Adeline was in Daddy's lap and all smiles.
Funny how Andrew seemed to finish off his cake and ice cream faster than his actual dinner.

Adeline's Birthday Carriage Race

So the plan was to have all of the kids decorate their own carriage/chariot to run on the race. As with any party, time was running short so we were unable to decorate the strollers but the kids didn't seem to mind. They just wanted to race.
Adeline was joined by Anna in the first race and was pulled by Michael and Daddy. In the second race Maya road with Addy and Daddy pulled them while Papa pushed Michael.
As you can see everyone was really into it. Papa was in the lead until an accident caused a back up of strollers.
Missy was also in the lead in the first race and she would have won but there was some interference

This turned out to be a really fun birthday party that both the parents and kids were able to enjoy