Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Monday....

On Monday we went over to Nana and Papa's house and spent the afternoon/evening. Nana and Adeline colored but Adeline would only let Nana color with a black crayon. When Nana asked if she could have another crayon Adeline would tell her "no" and then tell her where she could color:)
When Papa arrived Adeline tried to only let him have the black crayon but he hid it so Adeline thought that it was gone and then she gave him a different crayon. Nana was jealous.
Nana had some pretty barrette's that we put in Adeline's hair.
Papa always picks on Adeline by stuffing her shirts and wrapping blankets around her. She looked pretty cute and didn't seem to mind.
Papa also tried one of his hats on Adeline
Then Adeline and Papa cuddled in the chair

On the car ride to dinner Nana kept asking Adeline who she loved more, Nana or Papa?

Poor Nana.....Adeline's answer was almost always "Papa"

Nana....If it helps, Adeline has been asking for "Nana" all day and not Papa:)

Easter Evening...

Grandma and Grandpa Bean hosted Adeline's first Easter Egg Hunt. She was a natural. Ran all around the living room picking up all of her eggs and putting them into her Princess basket. Inside the eggs were special colored goldfish that were gone as soon as Adeline opened the egg.

In Adeline's basket were books, cooking supplies, and very fun Elmo slippers.
Adeline gave her Grandpa Bean a thank you kiss.
Aunt Erin got to enjoy coloring with Adeline
Four of the lady Bean's
Too cute to not show
Aunt Betsey took Adeline for a ride on her little scooter
It took Adeline a while for her to share her eggs with Aunt Betsey but soon after many "no's" she did:)

Adeline ended her night with a little tickle time with Aunt Betsey

Easter Afternoon...

Mommy and Me

Grandpa Forte, Mommy and Me

Uncle John John, Candy and Me

Mommy and Uncle John John

Me kissing Uncle John John

Me kissing Great Grandpa Forte

Me kissing Great Grandma Forte

Me kissing Grandpa Forte

Mommy and Great Grandma Forte

Mommy and Great Grandpa Forte

After church we headed back home to Charlotte to see our family. This past week Great Grandpa Forte was in the hospital and we thought that we might lose him. Thankfully the Lord protected him and he is back home doing well. We love Great Grandma and Grandpa Forte very much.

Easter Morning..

Easter morning Adeline got a basketful of brand new Elmo and Disney Princess coloring books, potty training books, and some yummy rice krispy treats:) As you will notice in all of the upcoming pictures there will be a certain trend. Crayons in each hand and a coloring book nearby.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Princess Party!!!

Adeline was invited to a VERY special party on Saturday. Her friend Sydney turned 3 and celebrated with a princess party. Cinderella even came! All of the girls who were invited wore a princess dress. Adeline was very excited to wear her Barbie Princess dress she got from Aunt Betsey. We don't have any pictures from the party but we do have some from before. Also there is video of when Cinderella showed up and Adeline went crazy but it is on James' phone and I don't know how to convert that. Just picture 10-12 girls ages 5 and under, all dressed as princesses, opening the front door with Cinderella standing on the other side:) Lots of fun.

Friday, March 21, 2008

It took everything in me....

...not to run after this little girl and bite her back!

As I was about to enter into the cardio room at NP I decided to look in and see how Adeline was. I saw her walk up to a little girl who was sitting in a chair with a baby. Watching Adeline's lips she was saying "baby, baby" and went to grab the baby.

Then this cute, sweet girl got up out of her chair, grabbed Adeline's wrist and sunk her teeth into "my baby's" little fist. The look on Adeline's face was even more frightening as she didn't know what was happening or what to do. I darted towards the door to rescue my daughter from this not so cute or sweet little vulture.

When I opened the door there was this blood curdling scream. I rushed to her as fast as I could, picked her up and held her in my arms.

I used to think of Adeline as a little aggressive but after watching this I realize maybe she isn't as aggressive as I thought. What would I have done if Adeline was the one that bit?(story goes that her Aunt Erin was a biter)

Even though I was very protective of Adeline I have now realized that some day we might be on the other side of things and it is up to us to teach Adeline the difference between good and bad choices. After about five minutes and some ice (because the teeth marks were still there and her fingers were swelling up), Adeline was feeling better and asking for her "Mer-May" (Mermaid) book. Adeline soon got up acting like she had already forgotten what just happened and was on to the next thing.

Monday, March 17, 2008



I can't wait for Easter to dress her up and put bows in her hair:) Now if only she will keep them in I will be happy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

100% better...

It's amazing how much happier you seem when you feel good and healthy. Our house is now free of any sickness, yea!!! Here are some recent shots of Adeline. This one is of her having a snack. Notice the knee. It just shows her personality whenever she eats in her chair she has to have her leg up. And....notice the snack...a skinned apple(just like her Daddy). So particular:)
When James and I went to Disney World while I was pregnant with Adeline we made a very expensive purchase on a Cinderella castle with all of the Prince and Princesses. This has been on her dresser until late and now we practically play with it all day every day. It plays music and lights up...Adeline loves it. She makes sure that all of the Prince's have their right Princess with them, including "Bel" (Belle) and "Beas" (Beast). Adeline also invited "Mi Mi" (Minnie) to join the princesses in the castle.

Just a goofy moment. Notice Prince Charming in her hand?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A nice end to a rough week....

The last two weeks have been pretty rough on our family. Adeline has been holding on to this cough for awhile so when I came down with something I thought that it was possibly from her. This was the sickest I have been since before Adeline. Unfortunately I *think*, I had bronchitis because....on Friday Adeline was diagnosed with a double ear infection, bronchitis, and early pneumonia. My poor baby. I can handle being sick but it is really hard when it is your own child that you can't really help. Last night was Adeline's first night sleeping on her own all week. I almost forgot what it was like sleeping with James and in my own bed. Today Adeline is doing much better. With a couple of days of antibiotics in her she is now moving around and playing and eating again:)
Adeline and I were very happy when Aunt Erin called and wanted to come and visit. James had worked a lot this week and it was nice to have someone around the house. And the extra help with Adeline was greatly appreciated.

Erin was able to partake in the special snuggle times with Adeline while she was up.

Thank you Erin for bringing in a ray of sunshine to our very dark week.