Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Party

 I don't know how many years this makes but we sure do enjoy New Years Eve with our friends.  This year we played games and enjoyed good company...and I "almost" won at Mafia.

Our special guests.....Bethany and Josh

New additions this year Jeff and Heidi

The Bean's

The Bean's and Morse's
And a picture of me with all of my girls.....each play a very special role in my life and I am grateful for them all.



New Years Eve Dinner

Hard to believe that this year we are celebrating with Josh and Bethany.  This is the first New Years Eve we have celebrated with Josh and Bethany in six years.  Because six year ago on New Years Eve we were at their wedding.  Over Thanksgiving I quickly snatched Grandma and Grandpa's commitments to watch the kids with a possibility that it might be four instead of two. They didn't seem to hesitate.
Before we went to our "kidless" party with our friends the four of us went out to dinner.  

James and I are looking forward to more opportunities like this.  They now live only 2.5 hours away as opposed to 9 hours.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Too early to say good-bye

Sadly our time was coming to an end.  All of the kids were bathed and dressed and I thought that I would try one more shot at getting a picture of the four of them together.  I like the bottom one the best.

We checked out Kung Fu Panda 2 for the ride back.  Before I pulled out of the drive I took this shot.
Such happy kids who really enjoyed spending time together.  It was wonderful and I am already looking forward to when we can do it again for a little longer next time.

Nighttime and Morning

Another successful nighttime.
Two of the four woke up a little wet.  Can you guess which two?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Aliyah "farted"

I just thought this was so funny and needed to grab the camera.  We say "toot" here if someone passes gas.  I think what made it so hilarious to me was hearing such a tiny little girl say "I farted".  She totally owns it too.

Andrew had to add his two cents in too letting us know that he stinks.

Making Pizza for dinner

Andrew had taken a super long nap and Adeline just didn't want to stop making crafts.  But Michael and Aliyah were all about making their own pizza's.  They were both really excited and did such a good job listening.
Michael wanted to make sure that his pepperoni was under the cheese.
Another thumbs up from Michael and he looks ready to eat.
Really?  Can you get any cuter?  I just love this girl.
Our final fed our whole family.  Good job guys.

I just love their imagination's

Adeline and Michael went crazy with all the craft stuff downstairs while Andrew and Aliyah were sleeping.  What I love is that out of all that they made their favorite things were a beard Michael had made and a crown Adeline had made from computer paper.
After Michael had made his beard he came upstairs and said "pull my beard", so I did.  And then he screamed so loud and high pitched that I am surprised no glasses cracked.  He thought he was so funny.  I thought it was funny too but then asked him not scream every time he asked someone to pull. it.

Love her

James and I just couldn't get enough of Aliyah.  She is so little and cute.
And she appears to be pretty tough too.

Donuts for breakfast

Thumbs up from Michael.  He was set on eating six donuts because he is six years old.
Smiles from Andrew.  He always loves when there are donuts in the morning.
Adeline won the clean award.
Aliyah won the messy award along with Andrew.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Michael and Aliyah visit

I was so looking forward to this time with Michael and Aliyah.  This is my first time taking the two for a couple of days.  And it was way too short.  I picked the kids up Wednesday afternoon and they stayed until Friday afternoon.  
When we got home from picking up Michael and Aliyah both Adeline and Andrew were excited about giving them their gifts.  Aliyah LOVES Dora and Michael LOVES beyblades so when it came to picking out their gifts it was pretty easy.
The kids played great the entire time.  We didn't do anything that cost money and the weather wasn't nice but the kids didn't mind.  They played upstairs, downstairs, and on the main floor and didn't seem to get bored.
Bedtime was a lot of fun each night.  We read stories, said prayer's, gave kisses and hugs and then went to sleep.  All of the kids slept great and that allowed me to have energy each day.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Saying our goodbyes

The kids got one last horse ride from Aunt Betsey.
Fun to recapture this moment from a couple of years ago.
We had a great Christmas visit with many new memories.  
But by far the icing on the cake was having quality time spent with Aunt Betsey.  Not totally sure when we will see her again but hopefully it won't be too long.

Perfect weather for the park...

So hard to believe that it is the day after Christmas.  After enjoying a nice run outside we took the kids to the park to play.  Actually while I was showering James and some others took the kids and I eventually walked down to join them.

I remember these little diggers when I was little.  I love how Andrew was so into it.
Must be a man thing.

The most fun the kids had though was walking across this rope.
Brooklynn could even do it with her eyes closed.
Grandma took her turn and I heard that Aunt Bethany did it with a sleeping Gabby.
Adeline also did it backwards.
I got there just in time to teeter-totter.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I think Adeline's Princess Polly pocket collection is complete
Sheriff Andrew.  
Said with a lot of aggression "I not Sheriff, I Woo-dee"
Andrew instantly claimed one of Daddy's stocking stuffers as his own.

Putting together puzzles

Adeline got four new puzzles from Grandma and Grandpa Bean for Christmas.  Both kids worked with Grandma and put together a few of them.

Christmas Afternoon

Even though I must admit that I do enjoy being able to wake up Christmas morning, stay in my pj's, eat coffee cake, and spend time with the family around the Christmas tree.  It was very fitting to go to church and celebrate Jesus' birth, the true meaning of Christmas.  And also it was such a great example for our kids.
After church we headed back to the Olivet Bean house, had lunch and then gathered around the Christmas tree opening presents. 
Adeline's Tangled collection is complete now.  Rapunzel and Eugene can ride away on their horse Maximus and start their new life together.
Andrew now has his very own apron so he doesn't have to wear Adeline's gardening apron anymore.
Adeline and Andrew got super fun hats from Aunt Erin.
Andrew is all about his hats.  He hangs them on his bed post and as soon as he wakes up he puts one on.  It is a part of his everyday outfit.
Adeline had been wanting her own hat....and now she has it.  I think she could be a hat girl.  She looks pretty good.
Glued together.  
Aunt Betsey handled it really well.  She knows how much Adeline loves her.
Andrew's favorite shirt.  I don't think and explanation is needed.
Whenever Andrew goes to the Morse family house he immediately goes to Matthias' room and gets his Car's legos.  Now Andrew has his very own Mater lego to play with.  It was totally fitting with his new Mater hat.
Erin had been talking about getting and iPhone for a long time.  She has had her old phone for maybe five years.  Well Grandpa (Erin's Dad) decided to surprise her with an early purchase.  She was not expecting this...and was very grateful.