Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Addy takes the stage

The kids had a check up with Dr. Hildewine from their ear infections three weeks ago. As soon as we got into the waiting room Adeline took her stage and just continued to talk until we were called back.....which was about 25 minutes. She is so bubbly and funny...I love it! For many of you that know me know that I am much more reserved but according to Nana when I was young I was very energetic and super friendly...what happened? :-) After my first day of Kindergarten my teacher told my Mom that everyone wanted to be my friend, because I was so fun. I see the same for Adeline.

As a side note: When we were talking to Dr. Hildewine about Adeline's medication Adeline told her that it tasted really bad. Dr. Hildewine's response was that as long as you took it all you shouldn't have to take it again. And of course my honest little child told her "Mommy stopped giving it to me because it tasted so bad." I was told on....thankfully the ear infection was gone and Dr. Hildewine made a special note to make sure all medicines are flavored.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mowing With Daddy

The kids were in the pool and it was fairly clean so I decided to give them a bath outside, which they both loved. After Andrew was done he ran right out to Daddy who was mowing the lawn. Daddy let him help a little bit. He absolutely loved it.
Then after James told Andrew they were done, Andrew went and grabbed one of his push toys to bring out so that it was like he was mowing too. They were so cute.
Then once Adeline was done she ran right out and grabbed her stroller to pretend it was her lawn mower.
They were all having a lot of fun. Thankfully they didn't get too dirty right after a bath.

Hot Weather calls for....


...and the pool!

My little gardener...

Adeline and I spent the afternoon going to the store, picking out flowers and mulch. Thanks to Great Grandpa Bean and Carol Adeline has her very own gardening bag with tools and gloves. She was all about helping me.
We had a lot of fun together.
After we had planted about half of our flowers Adeline asked if we were going to plant all of the flowers. I told her that we were but that if she wanted to take a break she could. She said "Ok, I'll take a break, I'll color a little bit on the sidewalk and then come right back". And that is exactly what she did.
All all we need is a little water.
Thanks Adeline Kay, I couldn't have asked for a better helper.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Traveling home

Both kids were definitely stretched to their limits throughout the weekend, but they both seemed to hang in there. As we approached our lunch on Sunday we got out of our cars crying (thank Joanne), knowing what was to come. This would be the last time we (the Muskegon Beans) see Betsey in person until probably Christmas. We said that this was not going to be a good lunch. As the lunch ended we knew it was time to say good-bye. There weren't many dry eyes. This was really sad. Once again. hard for all of us, but harder for Betsey. We love you Betsey...we miss you already...get your Internet up and working so we can skype. Adeline just said today..."I miss my Aunt Betsey". We love you!
Andrew was pretty funny on the way home. He insisted that my hand be where you see it in the picture. If it wasn't you would hear a loud "MaMaaa!", until I put it back.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art walk in Des Moines

Before dinner Betsey took us on a tour of her campus. After dinner she took us to a beautiful art park. This was my favorite because each of the kids were going around calling out the letters.

Travels and Celebration Dinner....

On our way to lunch after the graduation ceremony
On our way to'll notice a trend in these pictures..these two were inseparable
Adeline helped Aunt Betsey open a gift to Betsey from Aunt Erin. It was a very thoughtful name plate. Good job Erin!
Andrew was of course sitting by "WaWa Bean"
More gifts for Aunt Betsey...a beautiful picture colored by Adeline
With Betsey getting her own place we thought that pictures would be a good gift. The first is a family shot of James, Addy, Andrew and I.
And the second is a fun collage of Aunt Betsey and the kids and her time in Muskegon
A cute shot and right before James took the picture Adeline pulls out cupcake
Aunt Betsey got a celebration sundae that she shared with Addy
Our group shot
Time to go...

Gifts from Great Grandpa and Carol

Thank you Great Grandpa and Carol for being so thoughtful. The kids love their toys. Cupcake has not left Addy's side.

Everyone wants a picture with Aunt Betsey!

Great Grandpa Bean, Dr. Betsey Bean, and Dr. Fred Bean
A very proud moment for Great Grandpa Bean
Best Friends
Proud parents
The Muskegon Beans
My favorite picture of the entire weekend.
And an attempt to get the little guy to look and say cheese at the same time.

We love Betsey!!!!

We didn't wear these signs during the ceremony but put them on as soon as it was over so that when Aunt Betsey came back she would see us. We love Betsey!
...and Betsey is #1
Adeline and Andrew had signs on their front and back. Addy was so proud of her signs. Andrew was just happy to finally see Grandpa Bean.

Des Moines University

The kids went to bed around midnight the night before and were up early for the graduation. We were afraid of how they would do during a 2 1/2 hour ceremony, but they actually did very well. Adeline got a brand new dress just for the occasion and she was looking super cute. Joanne had a little note pad that Adeline drew pictures all over and then ripped out the pages to make her own story. Here she is telling me the story.

Andrew kept going to Great Grandpa Bean and Carol giving them goldfish.
I don't think it was hard for them to say no to such a cute little face.

Joanne was amazing with Adeline playing with her for most of the time. Here they are playing with Belle and Beast. Joanne was still having to take orders from Addy on what to say but they had fun.
Towards the end Aunt Betsey's name was called and Grandpa Bean was able to hood her since he is also a doctor. We screamed as loud as we could as Aunt Betsey is officially now Dr. Betsey Bean.
Congratulations! We are so proud of you!