Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Celebrating July in May....

I told Adeline that we would celebrate her birthday during the school year with all of her friends.  She and Andrew helped me make and sample rice crispy treat sandwiches.  They were very gooey and good. 

Adeline was very proud to wear her birthday crown all day.
Andrew tried to steal the show by being funny.
Adeline requested a picture with her friend Olivia.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Power wheels race!

James picked up the Morse's small Barbie power wheels that they were going to throw out in their trash.  He fixed it and once again put in a 12volt battery to give it some speed.  We knew it wouldn't beat the firetruck but we wanted to see if it could beat the JeepHummer, with it being so small and light.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Riding the Lawn Mower

The Muskegon Beans were still at the house when Grandpa and Grandma got back from taking Aunt Betsey to the airport.  Grandpa went out to cut the grass but took a break before we had to leave to give the kids a ride.  He made sure to have Grandma tell me that the blades weren't down for the kids ride.

Having to say good-bye

 "My Aunt Betsey!"  
That's how Adeline refers to her.
 This good bye was going to be harder because we know we won't see Aunt Betsey until Thanksgiving.  Adeline tried to get all the hugs she could.
James 34, Josh 33, Erin 29, and Betsey 28

We love you Aunt Betsey.  Thanks for the "Dang good weekend".  You were right :)  
We're counting down the days until November.

Aunt Betsey was crazy.....

 ...for running in that heat!  The kids got to get some sweaty pictures with her after her run.

The park and the hose....

We went down to Olivet's very nice play park for maybe, oh, 10 minutes.  It was 90 degrees and so hot.
Just enough time to play on a few toys that weren't burning hot.
Poor Gabby!  She says "it's too hot, take me back to Grandma's house."
The kids had tons of fun with Josh and the hose.  The rest of us just watched.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday happenings

 Tim's Pizza for dinner :)  Aunt Betsey sat at the kid table.
Thanks Andrew for the smile.....
 Adeline and Aunt Erin.....I really think they look alike in this picture.
 Grandma Kay watched the grand kids while the adult kids all went out and saw a movie.  Not that we don't love our kids, or didn't miss them but it was nice to all go out worry free.

Pool Party!!!!!

The neighbors were out of town for the weekend and told Grandma and Grandpa that we could use their pool.  This just made the weekend.  We all enjoyed our time at the pool.

Andrew was all about shooting the hoop.  Check out his form.

And now lets try shooting from a bucket.
 Adeline took a few shots too!
And this might be my most favorite picture of Adeline and Aunt Betsey.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ice Cream

Yum! Yum!  The kids love superman ice cream.

Andrew and Brooklynn held hands almost the entire way home...with no prompting.

Going to Mooville!

We're on our way to Mooville to see some animals and eat some ice cream.  Aunt Betsey had a permanent spot next to Adeline.
I love this picture of Brooke.  Such a happy girl.
Fun for us.....some local place had their blow up toys set up at Mooville for the day for free.  So the kids just had a blast.

Notice the BIG sticker right outside the door....."adults are restricted".  Check out the picture below.
Naughty Aunt Bethany :)
Andrew went for a walk with Grandpa to see the animals.
Gabby walking around with her pretty skirt.
There was also a big blow up slide that the kids just loved.
Andrew giving Daddy five.
Adeline making her way down.

Todd and Faith's

On Saturday morning we went to Todd and Faith's house to celebrate the graduations of their three sons.  Two from college and one from high school.  The kids loved playing in their yard and enjoyed taking a ride in Todd's old car.

Time with Joanne

We love Joanne!  Joanne is the kids honorary Aunt.  We consider her a part of the family.  Joanne was in Olivet when we arrived and stayed through the next morning.  
Every time we talk to Betsey Andrew asks for Joanne.  And when he tells Betsey he loves her he says "love you Joanne".
Best Friends...I am very thankful Betsey has Joanne.
Substitute best friends....just joking Betsey.