Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Andrew's Puggles class

Every Wednesday night I spend my time with theses little two year olds.  Tonight we talked about how God made the stars.  I made sugar cookies int he shape of stars and frosting that the kids were able to frost and decorate their own cookies.  They ate them faster than the time it took them to decorate.

Andrew and Maggie
Jersie and Jeweliana
Bradyn and Ariana
Missing are Jake, Michayla, Connor, and Carter.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Possibly last day to enjoy Fall

This might just be our last day to walk to school for the year.....Okay Winter, I give you permission to come but just for Christmas and then you have to go away.  We just have too much fun outside.  Maybe this will be the year we'll be outside in the snow all day....maybe.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

We did get to see him...

...even though it was only for a couple minutes.  The kids got hugs and kisses and I got our camera back. (I got a hug too)  Thank's Uncle John....we love you.

A great picture....

...of great memories.

Off to Nana and Papa's

We then headed out to Nana and Papa's (without my camera).  All the following pictures are taken with my phone.  It ended up being Christmas because Nana and Papa will be in Tennessee over the holiday.
As you can see both Papa and the kids got some exercise.

Both kids were asleep within five minutes of leaving their house later that evening.

Andrew giving Nana some love.

Papa ties up the kids feet.  So funny!

Time to open the big bag's of presents.

The kids were spoiled (as usual) from Andrew's Toy Story comforter to Adeline's new Princess sheets to my favorite, a recording of Nana reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to the kids.  We have already listened to the story MANY times and the kids just love it.  Thank you Nana and Papa.....we love you!

....just because I want to remember it....when my Mom gave me James and my gifts she said that she wanted us to wait until Christmas.  So on the way home I of course opened our gifts (Mom would never know right?).  The next day Mom called and said during our conversation "Did you open your gifts".  I replied with  "you asked us not to".  And my Mother, who knows me well says "that's not what I asked, did you open your gifts".  I couldn't lie.  Thankfully she wasn't mad....I actually think she did it on purpose because she knew I couldn't wait.  Thanks Mom and Keith for very generous gifts.

The Morning with Grandpa Forte

We went to church with Grandpa Forte (my home church growing up), and then went out to lunch afterwards.  Then we headed out to see Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Forte.  I brought my camera in their house, didn't take any pictures, and then left it there.  Uncle John brought it to us later.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Andrew and Brooklynn's conversations

This is just one favorite is this one.
Brooklynn:  "Ju-Ju (Andrew), come up here"
Andrew:  "What Bwrooklynn"
Brooklynn: "Come up here"
Andrew: "Okay, Bwrooklynn"
Once Andrew gets upstairs
Andrew: "What you want Bwrooklynn?"
Brooklynn: "Ju-Ju, sit"
Andrew:  "okay"

That little conversation just might have been my most favorite thing about the whole weekend.  I loved hearing their little voices talking to each other and carrying a conversation.

Our Tattoo Artist

She's getting pretty good :-)
We don't have pictures but everyone got their own tattoo's from Adeline.
She even drew Mr. Potato Head and a Garbage truck on Andrew's arm.  I got a heart and Aunt Bethany got a turkey.

Decorating the tree

The ladder was way too tempting for Mr. Andrew.
Brooklynn and her Daddy working together to put the lights up.
There was a huge clump of ornaments right in this area...
Check out that long pretty hair.  Adeline says that she is going to grow it out until her wedding.  The day she does come to me and says she wants to get it cut, I think I will cry.
There are already two presents under the tree from Adeline to Mommy and Daddy...I am curious about what is in it.

While the kids were waiting...

...they were playing with the tree cart.

Tree shots....

I'm very happy with how our picture turned out.
All four cousins
And the Philly Beans...soon to be Midwest Beans!!!!

Getting the Christmas Tree

Andrew and Grandpa headed in ahead of the rest of us.  I love Andrew's camouflage jacket Nana found at the garage sale.

The kids in front of Santa
Gabby in her snugly spot
Andrew walking hand in hand with Grandma and Grandpa
On the hunt for the right Frazier Fur
I got to hold Brooklynn for awhile.  (which I LOVED)
And there were a lot of pictures taken when I had Andrew go potty outside.  Like Grandpa said "he was just making sure the trees had enough water".
We found the right time for the men to cut it down.
Time to throw these shoes away James....
It took a LONG time....
...but we finally got it down.
Gabby fell asleep because it was taking so long :-)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I am missing a lot of pictures from this day and that is because Uncle Josh and Grandpa watched all four kids while all of us ladies went shopping.  So as you see in the pictures below the kids are still in their pj's but that is because it is now night time and they just had their showers and are ready for bed.

Apparently I was the lucky one with Gabby.  Gabby is a very smiley baby but when it comes to someone else holding her besides her Mommy or Daddy she isn't very happy.  Tonight after Gabby's bath I was able to hold and snuggle her for quiet a while.  I enjoyed every minute of it and even took a few squeezes of her legs and kisses on her cheeks.