Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Last minute we changed our minds and instead of trick-or-treating in our neighborhood we decided to go to our friends the Kamp's neighborhood. The Corbin's and Rudd's were also there which made it extra fun! It turned out to be a great night.
Wicket was not being very photogenic....
...but we did get some trick-or-treats from him.
Daddy and Ryan took turns driving the wagon.
We have a bumble bee, Princess Leah, and Rapunzel.
Have I mentioned before how cute I think Sophie is...just listen to her voice. "Trick-or-treat, I have a peanut allergy".
Daddy got Andrew to give the smile of the night...lucky for me I was the one in the picture with him.
This is a close second.
Adeline and Maya had a blast together.
Rapunzel got a little crazy with her hair.
So I don't know exactly what the boys were but I am sure they are from Star Wars....I am thinking storm troopers...maybe. Either way is was very nice to spend the evening with these little men.

Adeline's Halloween Party!

I was very excited that I was able to come to Adeline's Halloween Party this year. Mrs. Coffin gave the go ahead that I could bring Andrew in also. Adeline was very happy about that and Andrew was happy because he could finally play with the Mr. Potato Heads that are in Addy's room.
Of course immediately Andrew went right to the tub.
Princess Leah coloring her scary cat.
Mrs. Coffin (or red crayon) giving instructions on each activity.
Adeline coloring a pumpkin while waiting to decorate her cookie.
Andrew did not want to keep his Ewok hat on because it was so hot so he kind of looks like a lovable bear. The ring toss/bean bag activity.
Each time they got a bean bag in a candy bucket they got to take out some candy.
Adeline was letting everyone feel how soft her wig hair was.
I like how Smurfett (Olivia) is posing.
Creating their own Halloween bags
So during this time Andrew decided to be in a bad mood. Which isn't a new thing these days. Something made him mad so he turned around and started to pout. I took the camera and stuck it in his face from behind and this is what he looked like....
I love it! "me angry, Mama"
And then he decided to throw a small tantrum.
Adeline didn't let Andrew's poor attitude bother her while she was making her spider hat.
Me and my big girl! I love you so much!
Snack time...lets eat our fun cookies we made. Sugar overload!!!
Still sporting the angry face....
With some bribery of candy I got some good pictures...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Courtesy of Adeline

Adeline has decided that when she grows up she wants to be a tattoo artist.

Our first family bounce on the trampoline

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our new trampoline

Grandma and Grandpa have a little next door neighbor Olivia who has a trampoline. Close to every time we go there Grandpa will take Adeline and Andrew to go play on the trampoline. After watching how much Adeline loved bouncing on it and seeing how much Olivia and her little brother use it he really wanted to get Adeline and Andrew one. So Grandpa came up on Saturday (to get his jacket), and to get the kids a trampoline.

So as you can see they (we) LOVE it! It's huge....15 feet and don't worry the netting is 6 feet tall. Lot's of fun to come....until the snow :) Thank you Grandpa!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time to carve the Pumpkins

Next year will probably be the year that Adeline will be able to actually "carve" the pumpkins. This year both kids picked out what they wanted carved. The kids were very good at stabbing the pumpkin they just didn't have the strength to cut all the way through.
Adeline was a pro at pulling out the guts....
Andrew wanted no part of it. Ewwww....Yuck!

And then the kids went off and played while I finished.
And here we Owl for Andrew and a Witch for Adeline.
Good job my little pumpkins!

"me be older, me be five, me have gum"

Don't worry the car is not moving during this taping.....we were parked in the parking lot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Papa.....we love you!

You are a man of many talents. Thank you for being so caring and generous and for loving us and our kids. We are very thankful to have you in our family.
And these two little ones are blessed to have you as their Papa!

The Horse Swing

Way too much fun for both kids.

Nana and Papa's House

Sunday we went and met Nana and Papa and spent the day with them for Papa's birthday. We went to TVC for church and then out to Pizza Hut for lunch. Afterwards we headed back to their house and enjoyed a beautiful day outside.
Nana's yard had a lot of fun Halloween decorations. The kids also got fun trick-or-treat bags already filled with goodies.
Nana and Papa completely redid an old outhouse into a play house. It was a total magnet for the kids. Filled with a kitchen, chair, vacuum, phones, bench and play food. The kids spent the entire afternoon in here.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two tired girls

Train Ride

We took a train ride all around the Country Mill, where we saw little skits played out. The kids enjoyed it.
Blessed beyond words with these sweet children

Andrew was very happy with his donut
Daddy and his boy.
I got the smile...just not the eyes.
Family picture
Beautiful day, wonderful company, nice weather, and one tired little lady.

Adeline's Pony Ride

Andrew and his buddy....all is right in the world.

Adeline showed no fear but all excitement with it came to riding the pony.
Daddy walked beside her to make sure she felt secure
Look at that....what a big girl.