Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, August 31, 2015

Growing Up

Stop growing Adeline!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thank you Grandma

What was planned to be a cousin day of fun turned out to be Grandma taking all the kids back to Olivet.  Thank you Grandma for taking all kids while James and I went to be with Jerry.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jerry Hamm 9/7/1976-8/29/2015

Strong, faithful friendships. That is what we all desire as human beings. To love and be loved. James and Jerry not only had the history but they also had the bond. As Mom Bean Kay Kingsbury Bean reminded me that bond formed when James moved to Olivet in hopes to make new friends, gain confidence in himself, and leave behind the insecurities and cruelties of other kids. Jerry was that friend. During lunchtime you could find these two on the basketball court with pop and candy. Want to buy them a burger? Make sure it's ketchup only. And so began a lifelong friendship of memories upon memories. Thank you Jerry for loving my James. For being his friend. You have been a strong, faithful man of God. A true example of Christ. I'm so glad that my last words to you were I love you. I love you for your friendship to me, and for being there for my James when he needed someone the most.

This post will be long, but I never post anything on facebook, so hopefully those reading will understand.
Two weeks ago today I was sitting in Cindi Greene's living room, talking with the closest and longest friend I’ve ever had.
We were praising God that one week earlier he was brought through Brain Cancer surgery, with none of the side effects they thought possible.
It was a great night of laughing and sharing memories (and our kids had a great time with Sami and Tori too).
Little did I know that those would be my last moments on earth with him, and that the next day he would be gone.
Now I sit, thinking about the loss of my friend.
When I want to call and talk about the game, or latest technology, or walking closer with Christ, he was my first call.
And now he can’t answer.
When I want to play ball, or go to a game, or just hang out, it can’t happen.
It produces an ache inside that I can only forget for a moment, before I remember it again.
But I have found that God has given us memories as a help to grief. So if you’d allow me to, I’d like to share a few of the many memories I have of Jerry Hamm.
I remember…..
I remember back in the 8th grade when we first met, and how he kind of poked fun at my last name and would say, "James Bean......Jaaaamesss Bean."
Only later would I find out that his last name was Hamm.
I remember going to the double-nickle in Olivet to buy "now and laters" and mountain dew with him
I remember when I picked up Jerry from the dentist office when he got his wisdom teeth pulled, and how blood was dripping down his face, but he still wanted to go straight to the mall
I remember when we would leave our publications class in high school to go develop film (yes this was before digital cameras) and how we always found a way to make that take up the entire class period
I remember when we decided NOT to go out for basketball our Junior year so we could spend time "looking for future wives".
I remember taking our lunch money to go buy mountain dew and starbursts so we could play basketball during lunch
I remember when we would play 2 on 2 basketball, and beat anyone we played.................ok well at least it felt like we could beat anyone we played
I remember that Jerry loved Country Music, and was the first to introduce me to it
I remember him also introducing me to the "night life" at the Eaton County Fair
I remember when we would race our cars down Stein road and surprisingly never got in an accident doing it
I remember when we played 2 on 2 so late into the night that our neighbor called and woke my parents up to complain about it
I remember that people always said Jerry looked like Val Kilmer, but I think he might have been the one who started that
I remember when we worked at Little Caesars together delivering pizza, and how we never got tired of eating it
I remember when 7 of us drove to Florida for an awesome college spring break week
I remember when just the 2 of us road down in my dad's truck to buy a giant arcade game, that's still in my garage to this very day.
I remember when he bought me new shoes while on vacation, and left them at the Florida house without me knowing
I remember that one of Jerry's favorite movies was Good Will Hunting and how he loved the friendship and bond those guys had, much like the bond he had with many of us.
I remember when my truck broke down on the way to see Mel and Lisa, and how we had to spend the night in a mechanics parking lot, waiting to get it fixed.
I remember Jerry calling me to say that the dentist told him he needed to stop eating junk food or he would lose all of his teeth.
And I remember him telling me that he had decided to lose all of his teeth
I remember when his first daughter Sami was born, and how unbelievably excited and scared he was to finally be a dad.
I remember when his 2nd daughter Tori was born, and how we joined others who prayed her through her first few months of life.
I remember when Jerry called me just a few months ago to tell me that he graduated from college
I remember when we got the news of his seizures and cancer diagnosis, and how in the face of that, Jerry cared for his family and never seemed to care about himself
I remember 3 weeks ago, when we got to drive and just talk for a while in the car
I remember on that same day meeting up with Nate and Brock so the 4 of us could have dinner and try to encourage Jerry before his brain surgery
I remember when we got the news that God had answered our prayers and brought him through the surgery with none of risks they thought possible
I remember my last conversation with him just hours before he would go to heaven, and how I'm so glad I gave him a second hug before we left.
And I remember how happy it made me, when Cindi shared that Jerry’s highlight for what would be his last night, was laughing together with us.
Jerry, I'm thankful for all of these memories, and I can't wait for the adventures we'll have in heaven for eternity.
But right now I just miss you.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beach day with Daddy!

Got Daddy out here for some fun.  Weather was nice.  Played some catch and enjoyed the sun and each other.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Windy beach day....

Windy but fun....not many days left.....

My silly kids....I love them....and I love spending time with them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The end of a fun day!!!

Train station back to our van.
Fun memories....
Happy birthday Anna!

Doll hair salon!!!

The girls dolls were dropped off to get their hair all done.  I learned some helpful tips in this process.  And I think that if I ever want a job in Chicago this may be it.  We'll see...I'll have to try it out on Kanani when we get home.

Looking pretty girls.....

Adeline's new bag she bought with more birthday money.  This bag will be able to hold two of her dolls together.

Birthday lunch American Girl style...

This restaurant was very cute.  There were many other girls her with their dolls too.  Some were also celebrating their birthdays.  Each girl got a high chair for their doll, a birthday shirt, a balloon, hair ties, a plate, cup and a few other things I'm forgetting all for their dolls...

We have to get a group shot

Here's a progression of Anna's birthday cake and song.  Our waiter did not have a singing voice but for what he lacked there he made up for in service. 

She looks pretty happy!

The girls and their loot.

Happy birthday sweet Anna!  
Thank you for inviting us along on this fun adventure.

American Girl Place

What a fun idea for these two to share this day together.  This time we entered in through the front.  They each have their dolls and they are ready...

We found Kanani!  Girl of the Year 2011!!

And some little Karate girls made us think of Nana!

Happy girls....super fun day so far!

Our morning at the hotel...

This breakfast was amazing!!!  They had everything.  Yum!  I love how Adeline is holding a slice of bacon :)

Riding in the elevator....arms up!

These girls love to goof around.

Monday, August 17, 2015

First night in Chicago

We made it to our hotel and headed out for dinner...of course we to eat Chicago style Pizza!!

A little pool time before bed

The girls get to have a fun sleepover

I love being able to have this time with my girl.  Thank you for inviting us along Missy and Anna.

Anna's Birthday Chicago Trip

Anna is turning 10.  So for her birthday Missy wanted to take her to Chicago with a friend.  Adeline was that lucky friend who was asked and I was even invited to come along.  Andrew stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Bean after the first Chicago trip and we will pick him up on our way home.  We headed down midday and made it safely to our train station pick up.
Happy girls in the van

All four of us waiting for our train to pick us up

On the train...playing cards...having fun

First Taxi ride to the hotel

Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Hotel Fun

All the Beans in one elevator.....(missing Grandpa and those little's who are too little to make the shot)

We treasure every time we get to see Aunt Betsey

Late night snuggles before bed

Morning at the pool.  These kids sure do love their Grandparents.  Thank you for loving them, investing in them, and for spending time with them.  They will forever have these wonderful memories.