Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pool Party/Fireman's Festival

We went down to Marshall for a pool party that Grandpa and Granma set up with friends from church.  Aunt Erin was there as a surprise.  It was pretty cold and that made the water pretty warm.  This is the only picture we took.  Adeline did not want her picture taken and was throwing a small fit as I was forcing her to take it.  Pretty funny.
Afterwards we all went back to Olivet to watch the fireworks at the Fireman's Festival.  Normally we can't make this because it is when we have Addy's party.  Since this year it was the week before it worked out for us to watch it.

So glad Aunt Erin sure was a nice night.
And I even got some time with one of my sweet friends Rebecca.
Good day, good night, fun fireworks.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Donuts for breakfast

The morning became a little crazy because not only were the girls all up early after going to bed around 1 a.m. but we also had two more visitors come Nick and Bryson.  Andrew was glad to have a friend to play with.  The girls enjoyed the rest of the morning/afternoon playing and just having fun.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wreck It Ralph in the backyard

A comfy seat, Wreck It Ralph, birthday cake, popcorn, and sprite.....every kids dream I think :)

Sophie look pretty comfy......
Angela even came by and caught the end of the show.

Happy Birthday song with her best buds

Time for a sleepover.....

We started the night off with the girls getting their nails painted....  Anna was first
Andrew got a clear coat.
Then Sopie
And then Addy and Maya got theirs done together
Blue and sparkles!!!!

Adeline's Official Birthday

Started off with breakfast with Daddy
and a beach day with Mommy 
and three little men (one who is taking a nap)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach time with Aunt Erin

Aunt Erin stayed over after the party and spent the day with us.  We all headed to the beach for a nice afternoon.

I was super proud of Andrew who wrote his own name in the sand.  He normally does a pretty good job at this but this one turned out really nice.  Good job Andrew!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Diet Cola Springs

We did do it (at the end when many had already left).  I think next time we will put in a lot more mentos.

Happy Birthday to our Seven year old

It's true....she's seven....or will be officially in five more days.  We are one proud family.

Always need to get one with the birthday girl...something fun to look bask on and see her grow.
Daddy and Andrew with their Wreck It Ralph Eyebrows!!!

Family and Friends Photo's

Always trying to get in those special photo's before you forget...and then you realize you forgot a lot of them.  But here are the ones we have.
My sister was an amazing help.
So thankful John came.
Addy and her Uncle John John
Addy with Brooke and Gabby (I love Gabby's eyebrows)
Andrew with his buddy Cade and little sister Shelby
Adeline with Grandpa Forte

Presents and Cookie Necklaces

I was very proud of Adeline and how when she opened up each present she showed a special/genuine excitement.  I am sure there will come a time when the kids will open something and then throw it to the side and move on to the next.  I am thankful that for those watching they new that she was truly thankful for her gift.
And this also marked the first year where I just sat back and watched.  Normally I am in the mess of things reading the cards, making sure a "thank you" is said.  Another sign that Adeline is growing up.  I know she still needs me but as funny as it sounds it was sad to not be down there.

These cookies were my most favorite.  I was very happy with how these turned out and the kids loved them.

Eden asked me before she left to take a picture and send it to her mom.  Always a joy when you see kids really enjoying themselves and having a fun time.

Happy Birthday to Adeline

The birthday girl was all smiles while we sang to her.  I think the kids mouths were watering with all of the candy.

Adeline in the winners circle.


All the kids earned a medal

Wreck It Ralph Video's

What a great game!  Good job James!

Wreck It Ralph Action Shots

This was just such a fun time.  We adults worked our butts off to pile up the boxes so that the kids could knock them down.  There were many times that we weren't even fast enough.  This was a blast.  I loved seeing the kids laugh and run and I especially loved when it was Adeline's turn and all of the kids started chanting "Adeline, Adeline".  And I must add that watching the adults run around so hard trying to pile the boxes was very humorous.