Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 31, 2013


We were sad when we realized that our favorite ice cream shop "McClains" had closed.  We weren't sure where we would go but then we saw a new shop that had actually just opened this month called Scoops.  It's a very cute place owned by a family from Queens.  They were very friendly and very sweet with the kids.  My favorite part was how the female owner had hair about six inches high and a super thick belt way above her waist.  I guessed she was from Jersey (I think Queens is close enough).
 It was superman ice cream all around.

Eli sat so sweet with his legs crossed enjoying every last lick of his ice cream cone.

Let's see what's inside the eggs....

Andrew with all of his Green eggs...some already empty :)
Addy Kay and her eggs, opening and dividing up the goodies.
All the happy kids....
Thank you James and Phil for filling all the eggs and hiding them all.  The kids loved it.

Ready, set, go!!!

While the Dad's were at home watching the game they filled 100 eggs for all of the kids.  Each kid had 20 eggs to find in their designated color.  After dinner the kids were patiently waiting inside while the Daddy's hid all of the eggs in the backyard.  
Everyone's ready....

Andrew's color was green and Addy's was pink.
Phil thought he was funny hiding some of Addy's eggs way up high on top of the outdoor shower.

First Dinner....

A couple weeks ago Missy and I got together and made a master meal/grocery shopping list.  She and I went out shopping late last night (exhausted and tired) and bought a ton of food.  Tonight's meal was Bourbon Chicken...yum!

Adeline in the freezing water....

The water was so cold.  And it was a little windy which made it seem even colder.  But for one fish it didn't matter.  Adeline Kay went right in without hesitation.  She was the only one for today because the rest of us couldn't do it.

Andrew on the beach Day#1

Andrew is a big fan of Wreck It Ralph and how he "wrecks" things.  Andrew and Ralph have a lot in common....they both love to destroy!
This is Andrews fifth year on Siesta Key Beach and each year he falls more and more in love it.

Beach Day's bright out!!!

First day at the beach today and it was bright.  If you catch the sand just right with the bright sun it totally whites out the whole picture.  Oh well....the kids still look cute and I have many more days to get pictures you can actually see....
Today it was Missy and I with the kids.  The Dad's were back at the house watching the Michigan vs. Florida Gators which Michigan won....Woo-Hoo they are in the Final Four!

Easter Sunday!!!

Church was at 10:30 so we were able to relax a bit in the morning and get everyone showered and ready.  Addy and Andrew quickly introduced Anna to the Hammock. 

The kids just looked so stinking cute all dressed up.  I love this awesome progression of the kids from youngest to oldest.  Very sweet.
We went to an amazing service at a very big church.  Reminded of Christ's sacrifice and His rising from the dead.  The unbelievable gift He gave us.  God humbled Himself and became man so that I may live a life of eternity with Him.  Me, with all of my blemishes, because of Christ dying for me, I am made clean.  Pretty hard to fathom. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

All unpacked and ready for sleep

We're here!  Hooray!  Phil made a quick dinner pretty close to when we got in around 4:00 p.m.  We got everything unpacked, kids showered, played outside and then got ready for bed.  Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we'll be going to church and then the beach and then an Easter egg hunt.  
The Adults are exhausted from the late night/long day of driving. (neither Phil or Missy slept).  It was early to bed for all.  We are excited about a fun week!

Addy and Anna almost every night read a book together.  It is very sweet to watch.

Easter Baskets from Nana and Papa

Adeline and Andrew were told that they could open their Easter baskets from Nana and Papa when we got to Florida.  They couldn't wait.  Thanks Nana and Papa!

Florida Welcome Center 2013

We're here!  In Florida that is....we still have four more hours left to go.  The kids got their annual pictures taken and got their own cups of OJ.  Yum!
Hopefully James and I can hang in there....we are tired.

Waffle House!!!!

Once again we are at the Waffle House.  I am so glad that we carried on this tradition....the kids love it!  James listened to the Michigan game on the way down so he drove.  It was about 3 a.m. and I told him I needed to take over because I still couldn't sleep.  We normally have me start off because the only way I can sleep is if I'm really tired.
We'll see how the rest of trip goes.  I took over at 3 and then needed to stop around 6.  With only three hours of sleep James took back over and I think drove until 8.  After the Waffle House I think I took over, but I can't remember.  What I do know is that James drove most of the way.  We'll remember this for next time and have me start off so James can sleep (he can sleep anywhere).
The kids are doing great though.  They both slept very well.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Off we Go to Florida!!!!

James and I just got the kids from Grandma in Olivet and we are off.  The kids brought with them lots of fun and candy from Grandma that they got for Easter.  The earphones are on and a movie is playing.  I think it's Wreck It Ralph (our new favorite).  We'll see how long it takes.  
The Morse family is about five hours ahead of us.  We can't wait to get to Florida.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Pictures!!!!

Always have to have the kids smile with their awards!

My Sparkie....I have one more year with her and then I will have three with Andrew!!
Both kids had perfect attendance which means we had a pretty healthy year!  The kids were very excited about getting a trophy (especially Andrew since this was his first one).

Andrew getting his awards

Andrew had so much fun in Cubbies this year.  He learned a verse every week and also completed his book.  Andrew couldn't wait to get his own Cubbie Bear.  This is something he talked about all year long.  I am very proud of Andrew and how well he did.  He's growing baby isn't a baby anymore.

Andrew and Cubbie, together at last.

Adeline getting her awards....

This year it was a little bit harder to take pictures and video since I was the one talking and passing out the awards.  I was able to get these few shots of Adeline receiving her awards.  Adeline completed her WingRunner book and extra credit book.  I am very proud of my Adeline and the many verses she learned and memorized also including all of the books of the bible and Psalm 23.  But that is not all I am proud of....I am so proud of her tender heart for the Lord.  The relationship she talks about and the excitement of what heaven will be like.  Watching this transformation in your child as a parent is the best thing ever.

Awana 2013

Maya, Adeline, and Katelynn
Andrew and Nick
Red Group #2  Maya, Riley, Adeline and Katelynn

Hard to believe that this Awana year is all done.  The Bean family LOVE's our church family and the Awana ministry!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Second Place for best Design!!!

Everyone that was at the race voted for their top three picks for best design.  And guess who got second place????  That's right, Miss Adeline Bean with her car "Sugar Rush"!  Good Job Addy Kay (and Daddy).

"Sugar Rush's" Run to the finish line

Each run Adeline's car did better in time.  I love how that is all she cared about.  It didn't seem to bother her that she came in last each time.  I hope that positive attitude never changes!!!  We tried to see if her car did better running backwards but it didn't.
We were very proud of Adeline and "Sugar Rush".

Awana Grand Prix

We showed up at the church and had Adeline's car registered and weighed.
Then we put Addy's car in with all the other's.
I love how two of the cars already have trophy's on them.  Such a great idea...pretty funny.
A picture of some of the kids that participated.  And Andrew....because he was not happy about not being in the picture....