Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Muskegon Bean's Baby #2

That's right!!!! I know it is early but I believe pretty much everyone who reads this blog knows already so I thought why not. The more prayers the better! This is a picture of the two "blast" (day 5) embryos that were implanted on Sunday May 18th. (James and my 6 year wedding anniversary) Thank you Rebecca Whitson for taking care of me. James unfortunately had to work and couldn't get it off.

James, Adeline and I found out on Tuesday morning that we were pregnant again. This time it only took one try. Thank you Lord. I had another blood test today to confirm my HCG levels were going up and sure enough they went from 40 to 194. Right now the odds are we are pregnant with one child but there is still that small possibility that there might be two. Adeline kisses each one every day. I will have an ultra-sound on June 16th to confirm one or two.

At this point I am 4 1/2 weeks along. My due date is February 3, 2009. Which is two days after my birthday and is Uncle Josh's actual birthday. A very good month.

We are very excited for this addition to our family and appreciate all of your prayers for a healthy baby.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A couple things I want to remember...

...when she wakes up in the morning and all she wants to do is snuggle with her head on my shoulder for 10-15 minutes
...when Daddy, Mommy and Addy are at home together and we play music and dance all night
...random kisses for no reason
...her "Ruv Ru" (love you)
...her curls, lips, and beautiful eyes
...the way she says "Ada" (Addy)
...her "noh" (no), when I just look at her and see her pushing out something more than gas
...our tea parties
...pretending to eat at our tea parties
...only eats the marshmallows from lucky charms then asks for "more"
...blowing bubbles
...blowing on our hot food
...pretending like we are sleeping (breathing hard)
...rubbing our face and hair after we just ate a big bowl of goulash
...saying "mess" when she has something on her hands that needs to be cleaned off
...talking to "rella" (Cinderella) on the phone about going to the Ball
...sweet eyes
...the way she strains when she tries to open things
...reading books together
...saying prayers
...our nighttime routine
...playing at the park
...going to visit Daddy
...stroller/wagon walks
...playing with her castle
...the sound she makes when her Disney character's kiss she loves to put away her toys
...bath time
...she LOVES music
...her yess, yup, and yea
...shaking her head until she gets dizzy
...sitting at her coloring table and coloring where she tells me to and with the crayons she picks she gathers everything in her hands until she can't hold anything anymore
...her giggles and deep laugh
...the way she pats and rubs my back
...her hugs
...her efforts at saying new words
...the way she hums when she wants me to sing to her
...the way she takes care of her babies when they are crying "wah, wah" (Adeline cries for them)

If only I could record her life 24/7 then I wouldn't forget anything.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guess who is done with their first year of Medical School?

That's right...Aunt Betsey!!!! Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see you soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Many family members and really, REALLY close friends know how much I like to have my back rubbed. Growing up in the Forte household it was very common to get/give "tickles". Our Mom or Dad would rub our backs while we laid on their laps. John still claims that I owe him a 30 minute tickle. Once I reached a certain age I wasn't as comfortable having my shirt up while my back was rubbed due to certain body changes. So when I married I was really, REALLY excited to get my back rubbed again. The truth is that it isn't just my back I like rubbed but pretty much any part of my body.

Adeline has also taken a liking to "tickles". I have always rubbed her back but now when I start she freezes in whatever position she is in, with her mouth open. She also comes to me, lifts up her shirt and requests a "tickle". I love it. She is truly my daughter. The best part is when she calls for DaDa and MaMa to both rub each of her arms. She holds them straight out and savors every moment.

She's too young to have acquired this taste; it's all in her; and I couldn't be more "tickled" that Adeline has her mommies love language.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My new reading glasses.....

....not really. With very short notice Nana was able to watch Adeline this past Saturday. Addy had a wonderful time and hasn't stopped asking for Nana.

Nana had some old reading glasses that I guess Adeline really loved. The funny thing is that because they magnify Adeline was walking around really funny not sure if the floor was flat or on a hill. Nana almost peed her pants:)

Thank you Nana for being able to watch Adeline. And also thank you "MoMa" (Grandma Bean) for watching Adeline on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Wash, Wash

During Adeline's bath time a couple weeks ago we followed the same routine: filled the tub, tossed in each toy, put in the bubbles, sat on the potty, started the music, and hopped in the water. I always let Adeline play for quite a while before starting to wash her body. Normally there are two wash cloths because she always tries to grab the one I have. This time with the other wash cloth Adeline decided that she wanted to wash herself. She proceeded to wash her entire body even her hair, and rinse it. I was very impressed.

There were too many cute pictures to choose from.....

I love my froggy towel Aunt Betsey!!!

Adeline's favorite cousin...

Aunt Aleisha and Cousin Michael came to the airport to pick us up after we returned from Florida. Adeline loves her cousin Michael very much and was VERY excited to see him. Since we missed our flight they didn't have much time to spend together before we had to head home for a very important wedding. Aunt Aleisha and I have decided that they need to spend more time together especially since it was EXTREMELY hard to say good-bye.

Special video from Florida...

One of our favorite moments while in Florida was Adeline's reaction to her new Mermaid pj's from Great Grandpa and Grandma Bean. She wore it just about every night we were there and has just about every night since.