Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

I think this might be our fourth New Years celebration at the Corbin house. I might be wrong, it might actually be more but either way we all have normally spent our New Years together. the last two years we have done it kid free but this year we had all of the kids with us. Even little Liam Peoples who is two days old. I was so impressed to see Kim there and happy all the same, it wouldn't have been quite right without them there.

Andrew playing with some of the big boys.

Baby Liam....I can hardly remember Andrew being that small. they are...all of the kids. Ryan 6, Isaac 5, Will 5, Anna 5, Maya 4, Noah 4, Adeline 4, Matthias 4, Sophia 3, Jaely 3, Andrew 1, Eli 1, Keagan 6months, Camryn 2 1/2 months, and Liam 2 days.

Adeline brought her very own cake she made with her easy bake oven. She and Maya were able to enjoy it at the table.

Sweet Jealy, she has become such a talker.

A little mistaking him for Eric's son.

I got some Camryn smiles.

I got to hold Camryn who likes to sleep with her face smashed into your arm pit. I thought that maybe she might be hungry but it is just how she likes to sleep.

Andrew was a little jealous.

And here we are...all of the ladies.

And all of the men of course downstairs in front of the TV.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Uncle John and Aunt Candy's house

We stopped at Uncle John and Aunt Candy's new house on our way back home to Muskegon. Their house is very nice and comfy. Adeline and Andrew opened up some presents from them and then destroyed their living room. Thank you for letting us stop by for the night.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guys and Girls

Andrew's work glasses...

Anybody need their car fixed or oil changed? I have one little man who is ready to work.

A couple smiles for the camera

Adeline and Aunt Betsey
Me and Brooklynn

Snow White

Addy gave Brooke some of her old dress up outfits that were too small for her. I was very proud of Adeline and how willing she was to give them to Brooke. Here they are both in their Snow White outfits.


At each meal Andrew and Brooke got to sit next to each other. My most favorite part of the meal was when we all prayed and they would hold hands. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera during any of those times but just envision two cousins who really love each other and love to hold hands.

Christmas Day

So Santa made a mistake and accidentally put this lump of coal on my present but rest assured I put it exactly where it needed to be right on Betsey's present. Don't worry Santa I am not offended I realize it was a mistake, I am just glad we got it figured out.
Our family shot enjoying delicious coffee cake.
The Philly glad they were with us this year!
Me and my boy! this was so cute seeing them both on their knees opening a present. Might I add that it was not time for them to open a gift yet they both just sat down together, took some presents and started opening.
We were very excited for Brooke to open her Christmas/birthday present from us. Ever since they visited in September I have wanted to get Brooke her very own couch. She absolutely loved Adeline and Andrew's couch and it was time for her to have her own.
This couch is even cooler with her very own sleeping bag attached that you can zip off whenever you want to.
Andrew was very excited to get his own Thomas the Train and caboose.
Now Bethany did tell me about this gift before they gave it to Andrew. And even though I am not as excited about it (because I will be constantly picking them up), Andrew was ecstatic.
He just kept shouting "Ball! Ball!" and waiting patiently for Uncle Josh to open the bag.
If a gift won an excitement award this would be it.
And the most excited for Adeline would be her pillow pet. I didn't even put this on Addy's list because Aunt Betsey who was living with us knew how much Adeline wanted it and wanted to be the one to give it to her. Every time we go into a store Adeline goes crazy about the lady bug pillow pet and continued to say how she wanted it for Christmas. Apparently James told her that the stores were all sold out (which I was shocked he said) but I didn't find that out until Adeline told Aunt Bethany who then told me. I guess that explains the times I would go with Addy in the store and she would say "see Mommy, there are still pillow pets here". Naughty Daddy!
Andrew got some Thomas pj's and underwear that he wanted to sport around the house over his other pj's.
Adeline helped color Aunt Betsey's present complete with our family (including her and a caterpillar) And at the bottom Adeline initialed it AB.
Andrew was ready for a nap so he and Addy got cozy in Brooke's couch.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I feel bad for not taking many pictures. I spent the day with my grandparents helping prepare the dinner for Christmas Eve. It was a wonderful time just to talk with them and have uninterrupted time together. The kids stayed back at the Bean house until James got back from work and picked them up.
Andrew got some special attention from Uncle John and Aunt Candy.
I am missing some pictures but am too lazy to get them now so I will upload them probably tomorrow.
This did my heart some good to see Andrew playing with Grandpa Forte. They both seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread with Aunt Bethany

Aunt Bethany spoiled the kids with lots of candy to decorate a gingerbread house. This time both kids did so much better because they had just gotten back from McDonald's with Uncle John so their bellies were full. I was overwhelmed with all of the different candies there were but it definitely made it more fun.
I think Brooke was the first one with her shirt off so of course Adeline needed to take hers off as well. For that reason alone there are not many pictures I can post.
Andrew did a great job. He was more interested in putting the candies on than eating then this time.
Adeline decorated her own side a the roof and did a fantastic job.
Thanks Aunt Bethany for all the fun!

Lunch with Uncle John

After the kids haircuts (trim) we went to McDonald's for lunch. Thank you Uncle John for the fun afternoon.

Andrew, second time around....much better...

Hard to believe that the last time Andrew was in this chair he was crying. He looks like such a natural. I think a lot of it had to do with watching his sister before him do such a good job.
Before John did the kids hair cuts he was cutting someone else hair and he called for Andrew to come over and give him a kiss. John was so surprised and stopped what he was doing because Andrew went right to him. It was so cute and Uncle John was very happy.
All tears.
What a big boy!
The finished product. Uncle John was threatening to pull out the clippers until I reminded him that I was the Mama! I am sure that his next hair cut will be even has to be gradual for me.