Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 29, 2014

Donating to Locks Of Love

Today is the day.  We packaged up the hair and sent it off.  We should be getting some sort of response in the coming months of the donation.  Adeline is super proud and we are very proud of her.
I thought both kids looked cute today so I wanted a picture and they decided to both hold Olaf for it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Swimming at the YMCA

With the Omni closing we have a free month at the YMCA and Norton Pines.  After that time we will decide where we will go.  Today we came to the YMCA so I could try swimming some laps.  With my knee all messed up and no clear answers yet I thought I would try swimming.  Unfortunately the water didn't magically take away any of the pain but I was able to swim some laps kicking mostly with my left leg.  The kids, myself, and even James (yes he got in the water) all played in the shallow end.  It was a fun family time.

Adeline and Rebecca looking a lot more alike....

All dressed and ready for church.....looking more like twins today.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Andrew's Hair cut while we're at it...

And we decided to get this guys hair cut too.
He was being patient....kind of.


She's been talking about this for a long time.  Probably about a year...and I just wanted to make sure she was really ready and really wanted it and not just do it because everyone else is doing it.  Adeline is such a sweet little girl and was ready...especially ready to donate her hair.  I had just cut off about four inches before school started so even though she had 10 inches cut today she technically had about 14 inches cut.  That's just crazy.....
Last shot with long hair...

I don't know if that smile can get any bigger....

It looks very pretty and makes her look even more grown up.  Adeline's hair feels really thick and full too.

Andrew's Third Fall Soccer Game 2014

This little guy works really hard.  The field is bigger and the kids are bigger but he runs hard and trys to get at the ball the best he can.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

I really could just listen to him talk forever....

This little guy is just hilarious to me.  I love listening to him talk.  Especially when he talks like a big kid and uses his hands.  I just had to capture the moment with him.  The video is a bit long but at the end you get to see him show his muscles.

Sailor Pride Day

So I missed taking a picture of the kids yesterday for pajama day....but today is Sailor Pride Day.  Adeline is sporting her basketball shirt and Andrew is wearing his Soccer shirt.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Crew Blue and Crazy Hair

Andrew has a crazy spike going on and Adeline has multiple ponytails.  Adeline received and option to get a free t-shirt.  She already had a t-shirt and could have chosen something different but instead she took a new t-shirt so that she could give her old one to Andrew.  Such a kind sister.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mismatch Day

We missed Monday but we are finally able to be back to school....just in time for spirit week.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Owl's for Adeline and Rebecca!!!

Adeline and I worked hard together and sewed a fun craft she got for her birthday.  I took a bit of time but it was a lot of fun for us to do this together.  Thanks Elyse for the fun gift!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fish lips...

Must keep this sickie home until there is no more cough.  Sissy is also staying home because she is coughing too.  Our Doctor sent a note to the school about the confirmed case so now the school is being "super" cleaned this weekend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Surprise Visit by a great friend...

I get a call from my friend Rebecca.  She is asking me how I am doing.  Knowing that this has been a pretty trying time for me and that I have been a bit in the dumps.  As we were talking I was just being really honest in how it's been tough and how I am struggling.  At that time the door bell rang and I said "Hold on Rebecca, someone is at my door and I have to hop over and see who it is".  Well it was Rebecca (and her son Eli) who brought me flowers, a bag of peanut m&m's, and a clear afternoon to take me grocery shopping.  Really?  Does this really happen?  How unbelievably sacrificial.  She spent the entire afternoon pushing me around the store (with the most positive attitude) and not complaining once (even when she could hardly move the cart).
Towards the end my girlfriend Jamie also met us and pushed another cart and helped with checkout as we were rushing to get the kids on time from school.  Two great friends, taking time out of their days to love on me with an amazing act of service.  I am unbelievably grateful....words can not express how I feel.

Eli was such a trooper.  He didn't even complain when he sat in the kid seat.  I'm glad we grabbed Andrew's phone so he was able to play games.  And he played it the entire time :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A day full of Dr. appointments :-(

It's been one of those weeks.   With me down and unable to walk both kids have been sick with terrible coughs.  Andrew though has been having trouble breathing and so per Grandma's very concerned request we got him an appointment to see if he has the Enterovirus.   
This is my first time driving in about two weeks.   First we went to my appointment and found that surgery is inevitable   Then we went to Andrews appointment and then headed off to the lab for blood work and the flu/Enterovirus test.  Let's just say that Andrew had the shorter end of the stick...that nose swab was awful (and they did it twice).  Andrew won himself a happy meal.
Even though it's been rough taking care of sick kids and being unable to walk I must count my blessings. .. #1 I have two beautiful children to care for.....and for that I am thankful!!!
(Enterovirus came back positive.  Two points for will stay home until cough goes away)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Andrews first fall soccer game 2014

Andrew was a bit nervous for this game with "bigger" kids and a bigger field but he played so good and worked so hard.  His jersey is so sharp and he looks just way too grown up in this picture.

Andrew asked his coach if he could play goalie but his coach said no.....I'm sure it's because he needs Andrews speed on the field.  So in this video you see Andrew jumping on the ball (something he's never done before).  But I think it's because he was wanting to be like the goalie.

We won 5-2...and the boys were pretty pumped!  Andrew had two very close attempts to goals and he was very proud of his hard work as were we.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Fall Soccer Practice

Andrew did so well and played hard.  The whole way home he was begging to play soccer in the back yard.  Here we go U8!!!!

Andrews first crew ticket!!!!

"Mom guess what I got today" as he digs through his backpack.   "My first crew ticket!"  He was SO proud :-)
And written on it it says he got it for being a good friend.   That's my buddy!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

After school pick up!!!

We all made it through!!  Came to school to pick up two very happy kids.  And boy was I glad to see them.  It was a long, quiet day.  Just another reminder to soak up every minute.
I love my kids.

Andrew in Kindergarten

James stuck around for awhile with Andrew.  This helped a lot because Andrew is much like his Mommy and takes awhile to warm up.  He sure was pretty nervous.  I felt for my buddy and was praying he would do ok.

Behind us a young girl named McKenna (who is seated right next to Andrew) was hysterical.  I think this actually helped him to be tough.  Even though he made sure to keep his arm on me or around me at all times.
Andrew B. #1 which means he is "always" the line leader...(so he says)
While Mrs. Coffin went through a power point for the parents the kids drew about their summer.  Andrew drew Darth Vader, sun, sand and water.
We then listened to the story "The Kissing Hand"
Tears were coming then.....
After the story the kids were able to go out and check out the playground.  This was to be the parents exit.  Andrew was the first one out and ran right to the monkey bars.  There are about four sets and he immediately did them all.  I was very proud of my little boy who gave me many kisses and hugs and made sure I knew he was good.

Adeline in 3rd grade!!!!

This girl was nothing but smiles.  I think it helps that she has the same teacher as last year with all of the same kids.  And her teacher just got married (which we went to the wedding) so the excitement was also in her new married name.  We missed the open house but Adeline was so excited to see all of the stuff in her new desk.

New year, new locker partner...Adeline was very excited to see Jersey was her new partner.
And of course the kids needed to do a silly face picture!!!!!

First day of school 2014

Every year I say and feel like I can't believe how fast time flies.  And once again I am feeling that same way today.  But today is also a new phase for our family.  Today both kids will be in school all day/every day.  No more babies to care for at home although very tough now means it's time for this Mommy to get a part time job.  Please join us in prayer as I interview and find the right fit for our family.
Both Adeline and Andrew woke up before James and I got to them.  Adeline has an alarm but Andrew must have heard us.  Thankfully they both woke up with huge smiles and positive attitudes.  We had a great morning as a family and then all went to school together.
 Adeline Kay
3rd Grade
Andrew Thomas Frederick
Mrs. Coffin
My two sweeties
A fun pose to continue
Andrew specifically asked for a family picture :-)
As quick as we could, through wet grass, we got a picture in front of the sign.
Time to go is about to start!

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Night Before Kindergarten (and 3rd Grade)

 Andrew was given a special little poem to read the night before along with some confetti to put under his pillow to help him sleep and have sweet dreams.
I think I need some confetti for my pillow....

 His teacher also delivered a special book to our mailbox so that we would have it to read.  Adeline was given the same book but now Andrew has his very own.  "The Night Before Kindergarten".  
Alright, here we go....tomorrow is the first day of school!!!!