Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Putting Up the Trampoline 2013

It was just too nice outside not to put up the trampoline.  It is Michigan so it could still snow but we're praying it's all done for now.  James had just gotten home from work and the kids sweet talked him into putting it up.  I wasn't feeling well so I slept most of the day.  What a great Dad, just hanging out with the kids putting up their favorite Spring activity.

And before the night was over the trampoline was finished and the kids got to enjoy their first jump!!!

Adeline's Third Spring Soccer Game 2013

There was a point in the game where all of the girls were running towards the ball far down the field.  Adeline comes running in a completely different direction smiling and telling me that she see's CiCi over on the other team.  I say "cool, now get back in the game".  She was so excited to talk to CiCi after the game I think that is probably all she was thinking about.  CiCi was one of Adeline's favorite classmates in Kindergarten last year that is no longer going to Lincoln Park
Adeline's continues to play hard and improve.  I love watching her and cheering her on.

Right on the field behind us Andrew's best friend Nick was playing his soccer game.  So when Adeline was sitting out we would go over and watch Nick and cheer him on.  Nick played very well and and seemed to like having his friend Andrew there.
This video unfortunately doesn't cover the moment best but it is all I have.  I had just told Andrew to back up from the sideline in case the ball came close to us.  Well, as soon as I said that the ball did come to us.  And immediately without hesitation Andrew grabs the ball and throws in in over the girls head.  Everyone started was so cute.  I think after watching so many of Adeline's games Andrew is going to have a pretty good understanding of how to play when he joins in the Fall.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Adeline's School Birthday

Since Adeline's Birthday is in July she is unable to officially celebrate it during the school year.  So today since I was volunteering in class we celebrated it.  Adeline loves smores and I found a very fun smore recipe so she and I made them the night before.
Happy school birthday just a few months you will officially be seven years old!!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Adeline and Andrew's First Swim Lesson's

The kids started their first of seven swim lessons.  For the next 8 weeks minus Memorial Day the kids will be having swim lessons.  They have been so excited about this.  I was a little concerned as to how Andrew would do on his own but he did just fine.
Everyone has to sit upstairs while the lesson is going on.  Adeline and I read books together and watch Andrew while his lesson is going on.  After he is done he takes a shower and then we have dinner (a sack lunch) while we wait for Adeline's lesson to start.  At this time Daddy comes and joins us.  Some weeks Daddy will be able to get out earlier so that he can also watch Andrew swim.
Adeline, (surprise, surprise) is such a fish.  She is so happy about these lessons!  She has already made some new friends and has shown them all of her cool under water tricks.  After Adeline's lesson she also takes a shower and then if there is time we go and play at Imagination Station right next door.
A big thank you to Grandpa Forte for paying for Adeline and Andrew's lesson's, they are going to have so much fun, and learn some important safety tips.  We love you!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Andrew on the Sit-n-Spin

It's like Andrew got a brand new toy.  He brought up the sit-n-spit and has been on it non-stop.  Here he is showing me how to spin.  I have gotten back on it and spun myself....although I can't do it for long without feeling very, very dizzy.

Adeline's Second Spring Soccer Game 2013

Adeline was very excited when she saw that our neighbor was going to be reffing her game.  She said she was "embarrassed".  (whatever that means :) )  Isn't he cute.  I wish he was a younger :)

It was freezing!  Daddy was trying to get Andrew to keep him warm.
And is sunny, freezing, and snowing....Only in Michigan!

Adeline continues to improve and just has a wonderful attitude.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Adeline's very own library card!!!

The other week Adeline's class went on a small trip to the Norton Shores Library.  There each kid was given a registration card to fill out and come back in with a parent so that they could get their own card.
Today was the day for Adeline.  She was so excited.  They also have a self check out system so Adeline checked out her own books all by herself.

New watches from Great Grandpa Bean

Thank you Great Grandpa for the special watches in the mail today!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First walk to get Sissy from school.....

....and Andrew was not too happy about it.  (as you can tell)  It doesn't help that he just woke up from his nap and we rushed out the door.

Adeline was all smiles coming back.  We brought her cool shades so the sun wasn't in her eyes.

Andrew's First Spring Bike Ride 2013

Today was nice enough for Andrew and I to go for a bike ride.  He (and I ) absolutely loved it.  We went all around the neighborhood.  This little guy is fast!!!

 He was all about me taking pictures of him.
There he goes.....we might try taking off the training wheels later this summer.  I think he can do it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Adeline's First Spring Soccer Game 2013

Today Adeline had her first soccer game.  We showed up at 10:00 a.m., met the coach for the first time, got Adeline's jersey, and then tried to have a small "first" practice before the official game.  That's right the girl's had not had a practice was canceled this week because it was cold and pouring rain.
And today it was not raining but snowing and freezing.
Adeline and her friend Jersey
We tried to keep the girls as bundled up as we could.
Adeline is playing with pretty much all of the same girls from last fall but with a different coach.
 Adeline was playing defensive line for part of the game.  She was doing a good job shuffling and showing an angry face.

Andrew was so cold he decided to just cover up completely with his blanket.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Time to head back home.....

After a fun picture of our cute's time to find our car and get headed back on the road.
They look pretty wide awake for it being 11:30 at night.

Before and During the game

Daddy's selfy turned out pretty good.
A kind man sitting behind us said that he would take our picture, unfortunately he didn't get any of the court in the background.
Daddy and Andrew
Mommy and Addy
Boy....we sure do have cute kids!!!

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE this shot of Andrew and James.
Daddy cheering on his team.
It was a really good game.  Michigan did not win.  They should have though.  But they didn't.  I was afraid James would regret going but he didn't.  It was all about the experience.  He had said before, "when would we have another chance like this again?"  And he was right.  When would we be driving through Atlanta at the same time our home team would be playing in the NCAA Finals?  We are very sad that they lost but very happy to have shared in the experience.

We're here!

The Georgia Dome
We stopped at Wal-Mart and got a $3 shirt and some fabric markers.  I was able to make Adeline a somewhat decent shirt for the game and I picked her up some colorful hair ties too.
Andrew already had the whole outfit.  I had his Michigan shirt and his Michigan hat already packed.
Daddy of course had a few Michigan shirts packed and I was able to borrow one of his and tie it at the side so that it fit.
Here we are.  We're in our seats and ready for the game to about an hour!
This shot makes it look like we are really far away but from where we were it was easier for me to follow the game by watching the court rather than the screens.

Waffle House in Atlanta

We are now in Atlanta just about ten minutes from the Georgia Dome.  I thought it would be a good idea to stop and eat dinner at the Waffle House.  By morning time tomorrow we will be in Indiana and there are no Waffle House's there.
For this picture Andrew decided to take a quick nap.
Oh there we go we're awake now
Mommy and Addy

Ready to go!

Kids are buckled, van is packed, crafts/toys are handy, snacks are we go off to Atlanta for a BIG game!

Last time on the Hammock

After everything was packed and every one was ready to go we all went out to take one more swing on the hammock.  I had to post this picture below because it just makes me laugh.  It is a perfect example of the one and only thing/person that gets under sweet Adeline's skin.....and that is her brother.  He can bring out this ferocious tiger in her just by poking his head into the picture right before it is about to be taken. this better Addy?

Andrew got to snuggle with his Daddy.  It's going to be hard for Andrew when we get back home and it's just him and I.  He has definitely attached even more to his Dad.
Our family!
Thankfully we didn't break it :)
Andrew doing his last swing!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Turtles For Dinner

The last time we were here we were celebrating Josh and Bethany's engagement.  I don't know why we haven't been back.  This is such a nice restaurant with great food.  We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  I was also able to get my favorite coconut shrimp.  Yum! 

Both kids were pretty exhausted.  Adeline was a little slap happy.
Addy and Grandma
Andrew and Grandpa
The girls
The guys
Our family shot.
Thank you Grandpa and Grandma for the great dinner.