Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, January 31, 2014

Back to the house for Pizza and cake....

After a fun time at the bounce house we all headed back for pizza and cake.  This year we decided to keep Andrew's party small because our house just can't fit that many people in it.  So we invited a few buddies and their sisters and then tomorrow we will have a small, quiet, family party.  Andrew didn't seem to mind because that meant that he got two parties.  We'll see how he does on Sunday (his official birthday) when there is no party :)
James set up the projector so the kids watched the Minion Mini Movies while eating.  It was so quiet....

The kids all had their hats on and were ready for cupcakes.  Andrew's hat was a little top heavy so I will need to fix it by tomorrow so that he can wear it.  He wore the crown sissy made instead.
This is one excited kid.

Present time was crazy as usual.  The kids were just ripping open all of Andrew's gifts.  Next time I will make sure once a gift is open that we set it aside instead of pass it around.  Andrew didn't seem to mind until all of his mustache's were gone.  Note to self, get new mustache's.

Party group...
Minions with mustaches

Me and the birthday boy!  He was very happy with all the party fun tonight and can't wait until tomorrow....

Kangaroo Palace Videos!

A handful of fun short videos from the bounce house....

Kangaroo Palace Fun!

 My two minions ready and waiting for their friends to arrive.
 Andrew with his buddies Nick and Eli
 Adeline with Anna and Maya
 Andrew and Matthias
 Nick, Andrew and Matthias....Andrew's two best buds.
 This boy has no fear when it comes to climbing and sliding down!

 Our group.....Adeline, Maya, Anna, Eli, Brayden, Brynn, Sophie, Olivia, Eli, Nick, Matthias, and Andrew.

We're ready...

 House is clean, table is decorated, just need to hang our minion pictures and we are off to Kangaroo Palace.

Preschool birthday celebration and snack

What a privilege I feel to be able to make my kids school celebrations.  Thank you James for working so hard for our family.  I came by at snack time just while Andrew had finished setting all the tables.  His little friends were very eager to eat their minion cupcakes.
Mrs. Jensen went on and on about how excited and proud Andrew was.  I guess it isn't normal for Andrew to want to set the tables and get everything ready...
 Very happy birthday boy got to hand out a cupcake to each of his friends.
 Could his smile be any bigger.
My Mom shot along with a photo bomb from one of his classmates Jake.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The cupcakes and finished hats.....

I spent literally all day today decorating cupcakes.  It was a lot of fun but I am glad that they are all done.  I copied my friend Sara who so generously told me how to make these cute minions and evil minions.  Andrew has his birthday snack tomorrow, friend party tomorrow night, and then family party Saturday....all together we made 60 cupcakes.

All the hats are done also....complete with one evil Minion!
I think the kids are going to love these.....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Preparations for a Minion Birthday Party

This week all of my free time was spent preparing for my soon to be five years old's birthday party.  With two snow days I didn't have as much free time as I had planned.  But everything still all came together....One day I made all of theses posters to put up around the house.  The kids loved watching while I was drawing them.
Meet Jerry
Meet Tim
Meet Evil Kevin
Meet Evil Stuart
Another day while I watched Nick I completed all of these hats for each kid to wear.  These were a lot of fun to do...Andrew gets to have his own hat, the only Evil Minion one....
Adeline made Andrew a birthday crown with Minions drawn all over it.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brooke and Gabby's Fair Birthday Party

What should have been a 2.5 hour trip turned out to be a 4 hour trip.  James deserves a medal for keeping us safe.  I am glad that we made it in time to still participate in all the fun activities.  The party was a fair theme and it was a lot of fun.  Josh and Bethany were very creative will many fun games, face painting, tickets, prizes and cotton candy.
Adeline with one of the birthday girls.
Check out their muscles..
Fun new glasses for Adeline.
Adeline and Brooke playing with one of Brooks new toys.
Andrew and Gabby playing some game with Uncle James.
The crazy drive was well worth it to spend some time with little girls we love.  The ride home the roads were clear and we made it back in 3 hours.
Happy Birthday Brooke and Gabby.....we love you!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kindergarten Papers....

It's that time of year for those entering Kindergarten to get their paper work in.  Kindergarten Round-up will be the 25th of February.  Andrew is so excited!!!!!  He can't wait for Fall......

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Andrew Writing His Name

Andrew and I have been working on writing his name with just a capital A and the rest lowercase.  Today I just want to show you his progress.  I am so proud of him and how well he is doing.  He is quite the perfectionist but as you can hear him say we "don't get discouraged" but just keep on trying.  Good job Buddy!!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Adeline's Second Basketball Game 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Bean came up to cheer Adeline on.  Basketball is in the Bean family blood so I know they enjoyed watching Adeline and it brought back so many memories of Betsey and Erin playing as kids.
The girls played another tough game but came up just short of a win.  I had a few parents come up to me and compliment James and his coaching.  The goal for the girls is not to win (although that would be nice), but to learn skills, and understand the game.  Coach Bean seems to be doing a pretty good job.
And Miss. Adeline is starting to show a bit of an aggressive side....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Preschool Father's Day Celebration

Since Father's Day is in June Andrew's preschool is celebrating it early.  Daddy took off work to come and spend the morning with Andrew.  Andrew's buddy Nathan did not have his Dad there so without any prompting Andrew called Nathan over and told him that he could share his Daddy.  He pointed to one of James' legs and said "here you go Nathan, you sit on this leg and I'll sit on the other".  I was so proud of him when his teacher and James both told me the story.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Toy's R Us shopping trip....

Andrew and I went to Charlotte to visit Grandma Forte and get a haircut.  While we were there Uncle John gave the kids a card with Christmas money in it.  Andrew was so excited to go shopping when we picked up Adeline because he realized that he had enough money now to buy a talking minion.  The kids also had gift cards from Aunt Betsey so it was off the store for a fun Christmas in January shopping trip.
Andrew chose an Evil Minion backpack....

...and talking Tim

Adeline chose "Harmoni" a care bear she had been wanting to put along with her other 100 stuffed animals....
...and a Frozen Poly Pocket set.
Thank you Uncle John and Aunt Betsey!!!