Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crazy ride to church

 Two crazy kids with their two crazy Aunts.

My football buddy....

Three years sure makes a big little man is growing up.  He's pretty good at throwing/catching the football.  Not sure if he will ever play (because I'm not a big fan of him getting knocked around).  But for now he can throw and catch all he wants.

Cutting down the Bean family Christmas tree...

It was windy, but not bad.  A good day to get a tree.  My knee did good and I had no trouble walking around.  Maybe some year James, Betsey, and Josh will let me throw the football.  One can only dream :-)
 Funny trying to take a shot of the whole family when James is so tall.
 Me and my husband...he's been good to me.
 Check out the kids muscles!!  They cut down the tree all by themselves...just joking.

 Addy and Brooke....friends forever!
 Fun shots of all the grandkids...they're all getting so big.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Unfortunately these were the only pictures I took....but all the kids did a great job decorating.  The ornaments were separated into two piles...kid friendly/not kid friendly.  The tree looks great with a ton of ornaments hung on the bottom half!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

The kids had a very fun morning with Aunt Erin....

What a great Aunt!!! 
 They even have crowns for their doll and stuffed animals.

Saturday afternoon activities....

 Andrew got a much needed haircut from Uncle John....Then we headed over to Great Grandpa Forte's house to spend a few hours.  Aunt Erin was so sweet and came with us.  We spent our time watching the U of M football game, talking, and playing cards.  The kids spent their time going crazy over little JoJo.  That poor dog.  We had to limit the kids time with her.  They were playing with her like she was a new toy.
 Adam came over also.  I thought this was a fun sight.  From left to right all watching the game....John, Grandpa, Adam, Uncle Steve, and Dad.  All of the Forte men.
 Thanks Erin for coming and spending some time with my family.  Now you can see where I get a lot of my craziness from :-)

Glad to have Aunt Betsey back home

I think she was able to get quite a few snuggles in this weekend.

Addy and Andrew getting a little ping-pong in.....

My favorite are the hand signals.....

Friday, November 28, 2014

Visit with Grandma Bonner

We all went and visited Grandma Bonner this afternoon.  She was very surprised to see us.  We caught her in the middle of a senior exercise class.  I had called and talked with her the week before and told her we were coming but I'm sure she forgot by then.  It was a really nice visit.  We spent a couple hours there with her talking about fun memories.  She seemed in pretty good spirits.  She misses home but knows this is where she needs to be.

We love you Grandma!!

Evening at Great Grandpa's

The kids are absolutely in love with JoJo.  Andrew finally got comfortable with her.  This didn't make Adeline happy because now she has to "share" JoJo.  After visiting Great Grandma Bonner we headed over and picked up some dinner.  We had a great time all together enjoying each others company and playing cards.  I'm not sure who actually won the other games but I do know that James and I split with John and Grandpa.  

Two pea's in a pod.  Andrew and Uncle John making and flying paper airplanes.

Late night game of cards....

 For real....this was my hand...and I didn't get to play it.  I think James called hearts or diamonds before it got to me.
A fun shot of the guys playing cards.  
Check out my handsome Grandpa.  
I love him to pieces.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Round Robin and Doubles

An enjoyable end to our Thanksgiving day.....with a game of Round Robin.  I think Betsey won both times (or we let her win because she is still the baby of the family).  Everyone jumped right in and played.  Grandpa and I sat and laughed while watching them all play.

With a little help from Uncle John Andrew got a point on Grandpa Bean.
After Round Robin Dad tore up the ping pong table.  
Then the son's played their dad's in doubles.....and....
...the son's won.  Here they are looking tough!

Forte Family Picture

This was our first Thanksgiving without Grandma.  I am proud of my Grandpa for coming, I know it wasn't easy.  It was hard.  I am thankful for the Bean family that immediately answered yes without hesitation to inviting them all to dinner.  It was a great day...I was surrounded by people I love.  And the people I love I know were taken care of.
My handsome brother...I love him very much and am so proud of him.

We love our Aunts

Rootbeer with a straw and snuggles with the shirtless boy.


We had a fun night playing Jenga.  The kids did great and had a ton of fun.  Watch the video's to the end and you'll see how the game turned out......Or you can just skip to the last video :-)  Great time with family....

G.I. Joes on the pool table

A little father/son time.  Nice to have Daddy all to ourselves.  With work and so many church meeting we haven't seen him a ton this week.

Thanksgiving photo's

 All guys hanging out watching the game while the ladies slave away in the kitchen :-)

 A few photo's with my sweet family.
And this man is who I am most grateful for today.  I love him and I want him to know that.  I am blessed to have him in my life.  I'm his "Little Cherokee".

Thanksgiving Day Meal...

I was extremely grateful for my Bean family.  Last night we were driving to Olivet and found out that the couple Mom Bean had invited to our Thanksgiving meal were not going to make it.  I had felt torn ever since I heard that my Aunt Terry was not coming up for Thanksgiving (my cousin Justina was in the hospital).  I wanted to be in two places at once.  I thought about doing a meal later in the afternoon, thought about just going the Grandpa's and thought about just going to the Bean house.  While we were driving I asked James to ask his mom what she thought about inviting my Grandpa, Dad, Uncle, and John all to the dinner.  Without hesitation she said yes.  We stopped in Charlotte to bring John a pie and then drove over the the American Legion where Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Steve were playing Euchre.  I went in and surprised them and told them that they had won an all expenses paid Thanksgiving dinner.  Dad and Uncle Steve were in and told Grandpa that is where they all were going.  This is hard on Grandpa...hard without Grandma.  It's hard on all of us.  And I am glad we can spend it and go through it together.
 Special name tags made by the kids and Erin and I.

 The food is out and we are ready to eat.
My heart is full.