Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

With so many pictures it has taken me FOREVER to post this. I am so sorry it is so late. It's only been two weeks right?

Each of the kids got a small gift from James and I that they opened up the night before Christmas Eve. As you can tell Andrew is more interested in James' old cell phone than his new toy truck.

Adeline on the other hand really enjoyed opening up her gifts and helping Andrew with his. I love the age she is right now (most of the time) because she just soaks up everything!

Christmas Eve was at Grandma and Grandpa Forte's. Adeline has a third cousin Cadence who is five days older than her. The two hit it off immediately and played together all night.

Andrew was keeping himself busy by getting into everything. Aunt Candy does a good job loving on this big boy...if only he wasn't SO heavy. I think I heard something about sore arms and back. Sorry Aunt Candy :-)
Me and my buddy on Christmas morning

Reason why we didn't have a tree this is a magnet for Mr. Andrew. We still decorated the house just no tree.

Coffee cake!!!! A hit with both Bean babies.

Aunt Betsey looking all pretty while we (not the kids) look like bums.
Something about Grandpa Beans hair makes Andrew just want to grab it?
(Thanks Uncle John for keeping it short for him).

Adeline and Grandma Kay were able to do a felt nativity while Grandpa read the Christmas story.

Aunt Betsey got Adeline a box full of makeup and and finger nail polish. Adeline absolutely loved it and instantly wanted to apply some of the make-up right away....not only to herself but to everyone else in the room as well.

Aunt Erin made Adeline a special princess box personalized just for her. I made sure to protect it so she can enjoy it for a long time.

Adeline also got a special package from her Texas Great Grandparents. This is not a baby doll but a big girl doll...someone is getting older.

The Berenstein Bears are Adeline's favorite stories as of late. Here she is enjoying the latest addition...five books in one.

Table shots....notice Daddy sleeping in the background.

My two FAVORITE shots.

Uncle James and Brooke. Brooklynn was pretty sick so Uncle James took advantage of some quality snuggle time with his niece.

Daddy and Addy....Me and my Becca. Becca got to meet Andrew for the first time. We were reminiscing about how she was there with me when he (Andrew) was implanted. I am very thankful for Becca and especially her role she played in our little man coming into the world.

Aliyah and her tongue. It is so cute. Andrew and his Nana enjoying some cheerios. I love this picture.

Papa's has the perfect combo...glasses and a hat. All he needs is a fleece shirt and Andrew will never want to leave.

My sister and our babies. Aliyah and I. I was taking all I could get since the last time I was able to hold and snuggle her was when she was a new born. This hold lasted about one minute...but scroll down and you will see a much longer one. :-)

Adeline enjoyed playing the Guitar Hero drums and opening presents with her cousin Michael.
Adeline was SUPER excited about her new Natalie doll with matching outfits. We had to change into the outfit right away.
Aunt Bobbie and Bev with all the kids. They are wonderful Aunts.
We had to keep the kids at a reasonable distance and make sure they weren't sucking on each other's toys. Brooke was getting over the Croup and Andrew was still holding on to his month long something.

That's right...I told you to scroll down. Look at that, a snuggle that ended with a sleeping baby.

The tongue again. Andrew attacking Aunt Aleisha. She wasn't even phased. She is a pro when it comes to boys.

Aunt Candy showing us how it is done. Mr. Michael sporting his contagious smile.
After three long days with little sleep Adeline completely shut down at Nana and Papa's. She couldn't even hold her head up to eat her food. Poor Michael just wanted to play with his cousin. Check out the eyelash. After a four hour nap Adeline was as good as new.

Stacie gave Andrew some loving. She has such a way with kids. Especially one cute, chubby boy.
We celebrated Brooke's birthday since we won't be able to make it out to PA next month. Hard to believe its almost been a year. I think she ate a whole piece of cake :-)
The Bean girls!!! Andrew got an early birthday present from the Philly Bean's. Thomas the Train....musical book....instant hit.
It's late....sleepy babies.
We had an amazing time this year over the Holidays. It was very busy trying to give everyone quality time and make it to every event but it all went very well....we wouldn't have had it any other way. My highlight....was having my Mom home. Thanks Mom! I love you!