Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Lego Movie

Today Adeline went to school, Andrew and I went to bible study, and Daddy got some things accomplished around the house.  Everything is unpacked and put back and now after picking Addy up from school we surprised the kids to a movie at the cheaps.  The Lego Movie which Andrew has been wanting to see for a long time.
It turned out to be a really nice film, I give it two thumbs up.  It was a nice way to end our family vacation.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Return trip Waffle House visit....

Always so much harder driving back home than driving to Florida.  But we made it.  And not without a breakfast stop at the waffle house.  It seems pretty funny too because we always tend to stop at the same waffle house.  Bellies full, we're a little bit more alert, now time to finish this trip.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

In the car on our way home....

....with two kids that do not want to leave!!!  Well let's be honest....none of us want to leave :-)

Final Siesta Beach pictures....

Adeline playing in the sand with Grandma.
 Our two goggle faced kids....
And another family shot....this one is my favorite.
Goodbye Siesta Beach....see you next year.

Andrew's final Siesta Beach thoughts 2014

Andrew enjoyed playing in the water, building sand castles,and throwing the football with Daddy.  He also enjoyed although he forgot to mention the rinse off showers.  Each day before we left her would roll in the sand and cover himself just so that he could rinse off in the showers up near the pavilion.

Adeline's Final thought's on Siesta Beach 2014

Adeline's favorite thing is the water.  
This girl is a fish and spent most of her time out in the water, jumping the waves, perfecting her back bends and twists, and just having a blast.

Me and my Adeline and her fun tricks...

I love this girl to pieces.  
Lot's of fun this week in the sand and in the water.  Her favorite thing to do is push me down in the water and then I stand up and push her down.  We then continue to go back and forth until one of us tires out...which is normally me.
Here are some fun video's of Adeline in the water showing us all her tricks.

Our last day on Siesta Beach.....

We were all so happy that Great Grandpa came to the beach today.  We definitely treasure all of the memories in our hearts but to be able to capture some of them on camera/video just makes it all the more sweet.
Like this four generations picture of the Bean men.  
The last one we have is when Andrew was just six months old.
And this shot of the kids with all their Bean Grandparents
And then our shot with Grandpa.
His generous heart is the reason we have this place to come down to.
Great Grandpa and his oldest grandson.
And then one with Great Grandpa and the kids.
Adeline Kay, his first grandchild named after Grandma Adeline.
And Andrew Thomas Frederick his only Bean grandson so far. thankful.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Date night!!!!

Woo-hoo!!!  Another advantage to having Grandma and Grandpa overlap....we always get a date night.  It was so nice to spend some quiet, quality time together at a place we both love.  We went back to St. Arrmands Circle and ate at the Daiquiri Deck outside on their top deck.  Walked around and just enjoyed each others company.

Putting the puzzle together with Great Grandpa Bean

Once again, I just love making memories, or watching them happen.  Andrew and Great Grandpa putting together the puzzle he got him.

So happy we got to have this time together....the kids just love Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Carol.

Can't leave without a family shot...

Our attempt to recreate the same picture each year.  
Next year both kids will be taller than me on my knees.

More beach friends...

Adeline also made some more friends who decided to give her a sand mermaid tail.

Fast friends....

As soon as we set down all of our stuff and got situated this little boy came over and approached Andrew.  He was looking for a playmate and he thought Andrew "looked fun" (according to his parents).  The two instantly became best buds and spent all of their time together.  Normally it is Adeline that makes the friends but this time it was Andrew and it was very cute to see.

Relaxing with a good book...

Adeline and Grandma both caught up in their stories...

Our last full beach day.....

This beach never gets old.  Sun, sand, water, kids, family....that is what has made this trip so nice and relaxing.  Today Grandma and Grandpa were able to come with us for the whole time.  Even though I love my kids it was pretty nice because I felt like I could relax more and just lay out knowing they were with the kids.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
 My Addy Kay...playing in the sand.  
This may be the shot that goes in the kitchen frame.  Each year I pick out a picture of the kids on the beach and replace it over the last years picture.  It's pretty fun when I do it because then I am able to look back over the years and see how the kids have grown.  This is Adeline's eighth year coming to Siesta Beach.
 My sweet buddy full of smiles.  
This is Andrew's sixth year coming to the beach.
So hard to believe....time sure does fly.
 Grandpa was right out there with the kids.  No hesitation...and as long as the kids didn't fight they stayed out there for a long time.

Gifts from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Carol

Two of Adeline and Andrew's most favorite things.  A puzzle for Andrew (which he already put together).  And a Stuffed Beanie Boo for Adeline.  To add to her collection.  
Thank you Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Carol.

Friday, April 25, 2014

A sunset is always better with ice cream afterwards...

Our absolute favorite place to go for ice cream closed two years ago.  Then last year we found a new place we liked that just opened.  And already this year it is closed.  While we were driving back I saw an ice cream sign in one of the plazas and sure enough there was a cute family owned one.  So we pulled in and they had great service and ice cream.
Andrew and Grandpa Bean have the same idea here.
Addy and Grandma
And this is by far my most favorite picture of the kids with Great Grandpa....I just love it!!
A nice group shot.
I sure do love just don't feel as guilty eating so much ice cream.

Just in time....

We made it just in time for the sunset tonight.  As I was walking up I saw these two enjoying the sun going down.  Pretty cute they are both dressed in red.
We can't leave without a family sunset picture.
And of course the kids wanted a goofy one too.
The kids with Grandma and Grandpa Bean
My request for a posed shot looking at the sun.
And then a handful of shots with Great Grandpa Bean and Great Grandma Carol.
First with just the kids.
Then with James and I.
Then with Grandma and Grandpa Bean
Adeline and Rebecca in their matching outfits....thanks Nana!!
And then there is James and my attempt at a picture of just the two of you can see the kids were all about photo bombing.