Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Group Picture Siesta Key Beach 2015

Such a great week.  It went by so always does.  Beautiful weather every day.  And a beautiful night to almost bring it to a close.  We'll come to the beach for a short time tomorrow and then head out in the evening.
After the sunset we were planning to go to the yogurt shop near the house.  But when we stopped to get Anna and slushie at 7-11 all of the kids wanted one too.  So just James, Missy and I all got the yogurt.  It was really good.  The poor kids don't know what they were missing.

Us adults took our pictures too.

 We decided to take another one like this too
 Tough guys.  Be afraid, very afraid.

Our last sunset

 I just love this beach.  So many memories already and so many more to come.  We are so thankful for the Florida home.
Our family sunset 2015

Individual pictures with the kids at sunset

 James and I each with Andrew Thomas Frederick 6 1/4 years old

 James and I each with Adeline Kay 8 3/4 years old.

Addy and Andrew at Sunset

 I'm always looking for a good sunset picture of the kids.  I like to have one of them facing me and also one of them facing the sun.  I think one year they actually did this on their own and now every time we go I want to get the same shot.  These pictures will be so great to go through and look at how much they have grown through the years.  

In order to get a good one (like I've said before) you have to offer a crazy one.

Taco's for dinner

and all the other fixings!  YUM!

Siesta Beach Day #6

This was our longest day on the beach so far.  This morning when we woke up we found out that Anna had gotten sick through the night.  The whole Morse family did not sleep well and decided to stay back, rest and get things cleaned up.  So the Bean family headed out with hopes that maybe part of the family would come and join us at some point.  
We found a spot and decided to take a walk and look for Daria our friend we met two days ago.  Sure enough she was there and when the kids saw her they all ran together and gave big hugs.  This was so cute.  We set up right by her parents (who didn't speak very much English) and were very nice.
 Adeline and Daria
 My handsome little man
 This pick of Andrew will be going above my kitchen sink
 Addy Kay reading away
 After we had been there for a few hours the entire Morse family showed up.  Anna was feeling better and they all wanted to get out of the house.  Anna stayed in the shade for awhile but eventually made it out into the water and felt fine the rest of the trip.
 My girl.  I think this is my pick too for Adeline for the kitchen.  I love that she loves to read.  Someday we'll be able to read the same books and talk about it.
My favorite shot of the kids and I.
Special moment with two happy kids sitting by me.  I took advantage of it and got James to take a picture of us.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Adeline and Andrew's favorite things from Legoland

Big Group shot on our way out

What a fun, full day. 
 And it's only 7:00.  
We're all hungry for dinner and ready to get home.

Darth Maul, R2D2, and Darth Vader Lego Sculpters

Addy and Andrew met some friends/enemies.  
I don't know Darth Maul....I think Addy may getcha here.
Adeline brought in Andrew for some help.
Below Andrew decides also cover his mouth so he can't speak.

Ahhh a friend.  R2D2 was so nice to the kids.
Back to a villain.  Adeline and Andrew were getting ready.  Andrew better watch out because Darth is right above him.  I 

Star Wars Lego Area

Of course this was a must for the Bean family!  Star Wars had its own section and little world going on.  I don't know what all of the pictures are of.  I'm sure if I ask James he could tell me very quickly but I am too lazy.  All of them though are pretty cool.  Andrew was loving it!

Lego Miniland

We all just walked around and looked at all the amazing Lego creations.  It is quite impressive at how real the buildings look and all the detail.

New York City
The Statue of Liberty
The Golden Gate Bridge


There were many others too that I didn't get pictures of.  The raceway even had a car race going on.

Batman and Robin

We also ran into these two crazy Lego guys just standing around.
Andrew is pretending batman is holding him and they are flying together.