Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 21, 2015

Beach Day!

Because all beach girls wear cowboy boots!  And of course Andrew is home sick :-(
(Adeline's first day walking to school). She was proud....I watched until she got all the way's one block.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lady Sailors 2015

Miss Adeline Kay just finished another week of basketball camp.  She really enjoyed this time and many of the high school girls took a liking to her.  She and I went out to lunch together to celebrate after.

Baby Silas is officially a Horne!!!

My good friend Rebecca and her husband Tim our officially sweet Silas' parents.  Andrew and I were able to share in this special moment.
We love you Silas!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Coney Island

We headed out to Coney Island for lunch before we all went back home.  What a nice time this was with the Forte family!

Running the Bases...

This was a special Sunday game for the kids so not only did they get to meet some of the players at the beginning but they also got to run the bases at the end.  So much fun!!

Riding the Carousal

Aleisha and I took the kids out of the hot seats in search of the carousal.  On our way we stopped at a few misting fans.....

Tigers Selfies

What a great day with Grandpa

Aleisha and I

James and I

Addy and I

Family shot

Whole group shot

The kids with Great Grandpa and Grandpa Forte
Thank you both for the wonderful day!!!
It was super hot, we didn't come out with a win, but it was a ton of fun!!

The very end of this video sums up the wonderful time we had.

Grandpa's first time certificate

This was Grandpa's first time at Comerica Park.  James found out that they give out certificates to all of the first time guests.  He brought Grandpa up and got him his very own certificate!
(we got some for the kids also)

(What a handsome man...he was really proud of this moment!)

Here's our fastball.....

Uncle John took Andrew to throw some fast balls.  Andrew threw 38 mile an hour.  And Uncle John threw 82 miles an hour.  He threw the fastest of the day than anyone else.  We'll see if this baseball things runs in the family.....

Meeting some players....

This is the only time during the season the players come out on the field to take pictures and give autographs.  How cool it was that this was the day we came.  We got there a bit late for this so we had to push our way through but we were able to meet two players and get pictures.  And of course considering what a loyal Tigers fan I am I have no clue who these players are.  Please forgive me....
But the experience in itself was so much fun.  The kids did great and we were able to have two balls signed.  I was so proud of Aleisha who made her way to where a player was autographing and she threw him the two balls.  Good job Aleisha!

The field!!!

We're here.....Let's get our seats and go meet some players.

We're parked and ready to get to the field....

 Michael has been to the stadium before but this is a first time for the other three.
This is also Grandpa's first time at the stadium.  A nice shot of our 4 generations.