Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Decorating Christmas Cookies 2014

 Fun, messy, sticky, and tasty.  That was our night decorating with the kids.  It was hard for the kids to not lick all the frosting.   There were many times when they would "accidentally" drop or spill their frosting just so they could lick it up.
 Andrew and Daddy..notice the green teeth
 Addy and Mommy....check out how big her cookie is
 There they are...licking the frosting

 Eating one of her cookies...yum!
One of Andrews very decorative cookies
Check out those hands!!!
I guess he's just going to have to lick it up :-)

Andrew's classroom Christmas Party.

Both James and I were able to go to Andrew's Christmas party.   James had a half day because he works Saturday.   Andrew was happy to have us both there.  James made sure to stop by Addy's class to say hi!!  She was extremely surprised by that.
This was probably Andrew's favorite station.   Mid way through decorating he took the sprinkles shaker, turned it upside-down and shook it in his mouth.  All the other moms and Mrs. Coffin were laughing but my face was pretty red.
Andrew and Daddy
Andrew and Sully (his buddy)
Me and my buddy

Working with Daddy on his necklace
Andrew and Mrs. Coffin

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Luke 2

The girls 3-5 grade read Luke 2 to all of us tonight.  Sometimes even though you've heard it so many times before it sounds so much sweeter being read by young kids.

Reading Christmas Stories

I love it when while making dinner I can listen to this.   Sure cancels out the times just before when they weren't getting along.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grinch Day!

I just got an email from Addy's teacher Mrs. Hazekamp.  Today all the kids dressed in green and they watched the Grinch movie and read the Grinch book.  Then they wrote their own stories comparing and contrasting the two.  They even got a candy cane that had already been licked by the Grinch!

Kid's night at Fazoli's

For Fazoli's Kids night, kids eat for $.99 for each adult entrĂ©e purchased.  Plus tonight they had Santa, a craft, and a sugar cookie you get to decorate.  This was a very fun family night.  The kids also got a candy cane and a Christmas pencil.  
Boys side
Girls side
Every time Adeline did this she would end with a ton of fettuccine all over her lips.
Some of the frosting made it to the cookie
I ask for a smile and this is what I get
This one always give me a smile
Both kids made two ornaments...I think they have had a pretty nice night.
We're ending the night snuggled on the couch watching Buddy the Elf Musical. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

2014 Calvary Christmas Program

The kids were excited about their new clothes.  Unfortunately Andrew's shirt was too big but he and Daddy left early and went to the store and found one that fit just right.  I don't know why this kid is so particular....oh wait, yes I's because he is like his father.  
We got to church early with time to help make drums and get a good seat.  My phone was set on some mode so the pictures didn't turn out great but both kids did really well and Andrew actually sang the songs.  He wasn't as dazed as he was at school.
I really loved this years program because it was done without a back track.  It was live music with our very own string ensemble led by Angela.  This way we could hear all of our kids voices with no one in the background.  Jill and Carrie did an amazing job with the kids.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Parents Night Out

The kids are practicing for their Christmas program so Mommy and Daddy can go on a date!!!!  Woohoo!
We went to Red Lobster and then to Target to pick the kids out some Christmas outfits.  Nice night with my hubby...put the kids to bed and then watched Million Dollar Arm (I didn't know it was based on a true story...good movie).

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Andrew's Christmas Musical

We showed up 30 minutes early because I remember from last year how packed the room gets.  And with that we got front row seats.  But then we had to wait 30 minutes for everything to begin and 15 minutes until Andrew's classroom door even opened.  But we weren't alone.  There were many other parents who knew the smart seating plan.
So, was Andrew excited?  Not really.  This is not his thing....he is shy, especially in front of many people he doesn't know staring at him.  But he did it.  He made it through.  
Since he is first in line he was at the opposite side we were...even with all that planning.  Lucky for me there was one seat left on the far end in the front row.  I slid over there so that I could video.  Watch the video's...they are great.  Andrew was so dazed and out of it.  Quiet, only uttering a few words and providing a small amount of hand motions.  I asked him afterwords if he was ok that I sat so close to him. (thinking that may have added to his nervousness)  "No Mommy, I was glad you were made me feel better"  So sweet, he still needs me :-)
 First in line.  Andrew B. #1  Lucky for him there are no kids with the last name beginning with A.
 My handsome man.
 Addy with a group of friends going crazy before the show started.
Andrew snug in Daddy's arms after the show.

We wish you a merry Christmas
Jingle Bells

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I think it's time for a new Ninja outfit....

 You're lucky I didn't take a picture of the front.  I laugh (inwardly of course) every time Andrew wears this....and it is often.  It is so small on him but he doesn't even seem to notice.  I put a new one on his Christmas list so we'll see if he gets one :-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reading time with Daddy

Most nights we have all of our reading homework done before Daddy gets home from work but tonight we still needed to get to it.  Addy is reading her new book she just got from the library.  Andrew will then read his books to.  Always a nice, quiet, relaxing time.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Reading time with Daddy

Andrew has become quite the reader.  He is very good at sounding words out.  It reminds me again of how many English words we have that don't even use their correct sounds.

Never a dull moment.....

This week I have been a bit more lax on the kids doing their homework right after school.  Most days I do this so that it is out of the way and then they have the rest of the evening to play.  Instead I have set a time of 30 minutes to an hour of playtime before we get to homework.  Tonight this is what the kids came down as...and yes Andrew taped C3PO's head to his eye.

Not too sure who each kid is actually pretending to be but I just love their imaginations.