Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gumballs filled with candy

Andrew and James enjoying their gumballs.
Silly guys!

Max and Marley's for dinner

We then headed to Max and Marley's for burgers and hotdogs for dinner.  Such a super fun family day.

Adeline get's her ears pierced

Daddy was feeling pretty generous today.  When Adeline said she'd like to get her ears pierced he said "ok".  So we headed over to Claires in the mall and right away they got Adeline all set up.  She held the special teddy bear to give her strength.

Last shot of Addy's ears before they have earrings.
Purple dots to mark the spot.

1, 2, 3......and they're pierced!!!

Such a pretty girl...look at those ears and look at that big smile.

She did it!  Woo Hoo!!!  
She picked out yet another Beanie Boo "Pinky" that she paid for with her own $5.

Family bike ride and trip to the Emporium.

It was a beautiful day.  Too nice to be inside and too nice to not go on an adventure.  We are so blessed to live so close to the water.  All four of us got our bike helmets on and headed out to the bike trail.  This trail takes you along the lake.  It is such a beautiful ride.  We rode from our house to Heritage Landing.  This was about a four mile ride and the kids (and James) did great.  I had a lunch packed and we sat and enjoyed a family picnic.  We ate, played at the playground, walked along the path and then headed back home making a few special stops on the way.
We saw a family of ducks come by and the the kids fed them what was left of our chips.

They ate every last chip and then headed off to something else.

On the bike ride home we surprised the kids and stopped off at the Lakeside Emporium.  A store FILLED with candy.  They were in heaven!  We will be stopping here more this summer.  Such a fun place.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday night play dates!!!!

We had a pretty fun, full afternoon.  Andrew had three buddies come over.  Two of his buddies live in  our neighborhood and one live just a few minutes away.  They spent the afternoon keeping really busy.  Building Lego's, jumping on the trampoline, playing baseball, soccer, and football.  I think our summer is going to be pretty full.

Payton's sister Monica came over to play also.  She was great with Adeline.  She is a year older but they got along so well.  I really enjoyed watching the two girls play together.

Adeline's Summer Birthday Treat

I surprised Adeline by bringing in ice cream sandwiches to celebrate her summer birthday.  Even though her birthday is in July it's always fun to celebrate with your class.  She and LeAnn brought one down the hall to Mr. McLeod too.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Andrew's Eighth T-Ball Game 2015

Daddy always comes right from work to make these early 5:00 games.  Andrew had another good game.  If he isn't at first or pitcher he doesn't get to touch the ball much.  But he does get to hit the ball!  And he had another great hit tonight, right in between first and second base. 

At the end of each game the kids come in for a huddle and then runt o the fence and back.  It's always a race between Andrew and Reed.  Once week Reed cut back early to beat Andrew and then his Dad had him run all the way back again.  James words were "That's a good Dad".  Another week Andrew's coach told him to slide into home....and he did....and completely scraped up his knee.  Let's just say that before we try to slide again let's have a practice first.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Andrew's Kendama

Andrew has been working hard at earning money for allowance to save enough to buy a Kendama.  Today we went to the Mackinaw Kite Company in downtown Grand Haven to pick it up.  Kendama's are really big here.  They even have a Kendama club that meets throughout the summer.  Some Kendama's cost $100.
As soon as we left Andrew got a base cup right away on his first try.  (he has had a lot of experience on his friends Kendama's at school) 

Adeline's Michigan Musical

This afternoon Adeline had her Michigan musical that they performed for the first and second grade classes and parents/family.  Next year I will remember at these things that I can pull Andrew out of class to support his sister and vice versa.  Adeline has a speaking part and has been practicing very hard for today.

Adeline did such a great job with her lines.  I love her last line.  She's so cute!

I'm pretty proud of my little girl!

Adeline and Mallory

Adeline and LeAnn

Lumberjack Breakfast

The parents cooked the kids a big Lumberjack breakfast.  Adeline had pancakes, scrambled eggs, milk, and a muffin.  They made their own place-mats to eat on.  Adeline was very proud of hers because she chose not to trace it but draw it by hand.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Graduation Pictures!!!

Sully, Andrew, and Payton
The top of Andrew's cap says "Future Football Player" written by himself.
Payton's dad is the Mona Shores Varsity Football coach.....I wonder if he saw that?

The kids got little Swiss cake diploma's.
And this is how they posed for the picture!!

Andrew and Jacob!
Kindergarten buddies.  I'm sure we'll have some fun play dates this summer.

Andrew and Carter

Daddy and Andrew!!

Mommy and Andrew!

Afterwards we went to Frosty O's with Andrew F. to celebrate.

Andrew and Sissy!

Andrew's Kindergarten Graduation

Look at this kid.  He is handsome, kind, smart, funny, energetic, quick, and did I say handsome.
Hard to believe this year is coming to an end.  Andrew (and I) have made it through a full year of all day kindergarten.

Andrew F., Andrew B., and Payton

Andrew with Mrs. Coffin.  I'm so sad that this is quite possibly (unless there is a miracle baby) our last year with her.  She is a wonderful teacher who teaches with her heart.  She is good at what she does and the kids adore her.

There was a cute slideshow at the beginning.  I was able to get a snapshot of Andrew's picture on screen.

Here they come!  The benefit of being the first kid in your class get to hold your teachers hand.

I love how Andrew is involved in this performance.  I just remember his Christmas performance where he was so nervous and just in a daze.  This time he did great and was fully involved.
He's on the far left.

Another bonus to being the first in your class get your certificate first!

So proud of you buddy!
You did it!!!!

Andrew's Seventh T-Ball Game 2015

I love this picture.  Every time when Andrew comes in from the field he sits, sets his glove down and puts his hat on his water bottle.  And then he waits for his time to bat.  He's so cute.  He doesn't have any schoolmates on the team so he has yet to release his crazy side.
Tonight we had to leave early because of Andrew's Kindergarten Graduation.  He was able to get two hits in.  I just love how he hussles.