Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a little stud!!!

Andrew has been all about wearing his hat...especially when Daddy wears his. I just got done running outside and came back to find my family playing outside. It was such a great finish to my 13 mile run.

Adeline's First Soccer Game

We had been anticipating this game for a couple weeks now. We woke up early with excitement, had a fun family breakfast, got dressed, braided hair, and headed out the door. Before their game Adeline had her team pictures taken. Last week Adeline received her jersey. When she picked her shirt she yelled out to me "Mommy, look I picked number four, because I'm four!". She was so proud.
To start out the game the three players stood ready. When the ball was in play just picture these three kids standing here, watching as the other team passes by them scoring their first goal. They didn't even move! It was so funny! Before the game we had to remind Adeline that not all of the kids had their own ball like in practice but during a game there is only one ball.
They quickly caught on and began scoring their own goals.

A couple action shots of Adeline. She was having such a great time out there.

She also enjoyed all of the attention she was getting from the sideline, as we cheered her on to her first goal.

Keeping her eye on the ball!!! Good job Addy!

With a little help from her Monkey, Adeline scored another goal.

Andrew was very proud of his big sissy! He found a place to set his hat when he wasn't wearing it.

While Sissy was playing he would yell, GO! GO! GO!

Good job team! We didn't keep score but if we did we would have won.....I'm just saying.

A proud Mommy and her cute little soccer player.

Addy with Grandpa Bean and Grandpa Forte who drove all the way up just to watch her play!

Thank you Grandpa's for making the trip and sharing in this wonderful experience.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Calvary Carnival Night!!!!

This Friday night we decided to take the kids to the school's carnival. The kids absolutely loved it. We had a hot dog dinner and then enjoyed a night of games and fun. Here the kids are playing with their balloons. This is Adeline's first and only balloon, and this is Andrew's first of three balloons.
His first balloon popped before we even made it into the bounce house.
At play world the week earlier Andrew was not even interested at all with the bounce house but this time maybe in a smaller setting he showed no fear.

Andrew found a new hat. Unfortunately we had to leave it there.
We were surprised to see some very sweet friendly faces.
Andrew knew just what he needed to do to get a tootsie roll. Throughout the night he would continue to go back to this game and wait for a piece of candy.

The kids were very excited to have their faces painted. There was a long line but they hung in there.

Andrew sat so still, just like sissy. She was a great encourager.

After she was done, it took about two seconds for Andrew to rub his face, smearing his rocket.

We continued playing fun games for the rest of the night. We were at a great place, with great company, having a great time.

Before we left Addy found one of her best friends Katy. These two girls really love each other and quickly hugged talking about what fun things they did.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Adeline's Second Soccer Practice

Catching a drink on such a chilly day.
Andrew was preoccupied with his Mr. Potato Head

Practice Time. Good job Addy! Way to not use your hands!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Awana Awards 2011

Adeline completed her second and final Awana Cubbie's year. Next year she will officially be in Awana Sparks. Adeline and Maya patiently wait until it is their time to go forward.
Sophie and Andrew watch videos on Angela's iPhone
And now it is time for the Silver group to go ahead.

We are very proud of Adeline memorizing verses every week and tithing her quarter. I am so happy we got her involved in this, she absolutely loves it.
And it helps to be able to do it with one of your best pals.

Two Proud Awana Cubbies!!!!

Andrew kept himself busy in other ways.....

We took the kids to McDonald's for ice cream afterwards just like last year. Andrew didn't have a problem finishing his.

Neither did Sophie.

Or these two. Good job girls...we are all so proud of you.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blue Ring Pop

Andrew just loved his blue ring pop. As you can see. Apparently blue was the only color.

Look at those lips! I could just kiss them if they weren't all blue and sticky.

Opening their Easter Eggs

After a fun egg hunt we made it inside for the kids to open their eggs and see what was inside.
Andrew would open one egg at a time eating whatever was inside each egg.
Grandma gave them each their own bag where they could put in all of their treats.

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt!!!!!

Ready to open their fun baskets

A very happy Adeline opening her Polly Pockets!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

On your mark, get set, GO! This year it was so much fun watching both kids excitement, running for eggs. Andrew was not at all interested in the rocks and devoted his complete attention to the colored eggs scattered around the yard.

Adeline was very wise to look out the door and spot many eggs before the search even started. She had a plan.

Andrew was so cute with his own bag, finding the eggs and placing them in. Just like a little man.

Adeline was on the move. Here is her action shot.

Towards the end we started pointing out where some of the remaining eggs were.

My sweet babies. They are the joy of my life.