Adeline and Andrew

Adeline and Andrew

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The benefits of a heated pool

 A nice night at the Rudd's pool enjoying dinner with the Corbins.
Looks like the kids were having fun.

"Watch our hand stands!!!"

Friday, May 29, 2015

Lunch and the final stretch

We had a nice little lunch in the shade to cool off.

The Sting Rays was definitely the boys favorite.  Slick and slippery!

Last chance to bang the drum!!
Me and my buddy!
See...he does love me.  He was not attached to me at all today unlike his sister during her field trip but while we were walking out he grabbed my hand and didn't let go.  I snapped a picture just in case he forgot :-)

Andrew chose to ride the bus back to school instead of coming home with me.  I chose not to take offense because all of the boys did it (and he's only ridden a bus twice, including today)....and us Moms just met them at school. 

Bears, Flamingo's, the Aquarium...

The Big Bear was out to greet us.
I had the boys pose like flamingo's....Andrew was not happy as you can see.

Watching the otters swim around....this was very enjoyable.
Inside the aquarium .......

A smile picture...
...and a goofy picture!


We passed Mrs. Coffin on our way to see the Tigers
The boys outside the fence watching the Tiger walk our way

A little break to play around.

How big is your wing span?

The boys watching the little monkeys....
A Lioness taking a nap
The boys were kind of grossed out by this Monkey who couldn't keep his hands off his rear while he was laying down facing the window.

John Ball Zoo

Today is Andrew's field trip to the John Ball Zoo.  It was a hot but fun one.  We had the entire day all to ourselves to just enjoy the zoo.  No schedule besides lunch.  We got a picture with Mrs. Coffin and then we were off.

I walked around with Jacob's mom Niki.  Sully, Jacob and Andrew were buddies for the day.  Let's just say this field trip was way different than any other one I have been on.  And why?  Because I was with these three boys who couldn't keep their hands off each other, and wanted to run every where.  They kept us on our toes for sure.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Remote Control Cars

Tonight we went to the catholic church parking lot for some remote control car driving.  Andrew has this new Jeff Gordon car he just got from Nana and Papa.  It's pretty fast!

Adeline had such a great attitude while driving her Strawberry Shortcake car.  A couple of times James almost drove over Adeline's little car with his Jeep.  It was funny and she kept a pretty good attitude about it.

Andrew's Sixth T-ball Game 2015

We are loving baseball season.  Just such a fun time.  

The nice thing is there is no "three strikes you're out" here.  Although sometimes the tee gets brought back out.  Andrew was lucky they didn't bring it out for him this time.  They knew he could do it since he kept getting a piece of it.

Andrew got to place first base tonight.  He did a really good job.  You basically only get to touch the ball if you are on the pitchers mound or first base.  So tonight Andrew got a lot of ball time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wigwam,tomahawks, and trading furs.....

The kids got to see a wigwam.  This one is covered with a tarp but most were covered with animal fur.

They played a game called "no flinch".  So as you can see the kids are standing perfectly still trying so hard not to move..

Adeline did a great job throwing tomahawks.  All of us parents got to do it to.  And I must say I did pretty good myself.

The kids got on teams and went around the camp looking for animal furs to bring back to the worker to trade.  They had to barter and try to make money.  Team Michigan came out on top! 

I love being able to spend times like these with my kids.  Adeline was very happy to have me there with her and let me tell you that as a mom that is quite possibly the best feeling ever.

Candle Making

Adeline and LeAnn making their candles.....
Dip in the wax, dip in cold water, form the cooled wax
and repeat.
Adeline and Lakeland with their completed candles!

DeFonte, Grace, Jersey, and Adeline

Camp Pendalouan

Adeline's field trip this Spring was at Camp Pendalouan.  In two years when Adeline is in fifth grade they will come here for an over-nighter.  We were learning all about the Lumber Jacks.  How they sawed wood, moved the logs, hardly got paid anything, did this six days a week, from dawn until dusk.

This was a fun game where the kids would hit each other in the rear and try to knock one down off their block.
Adeline and Harmoni trying to move their's more difficult than it looks.

Everybody got a chance to saw.  The whole class, two at a time.  Adeline and Harmoni were one of the first two to go and then they came back for a second time.  And guess what???????

THEY cut it off!!!  Good job girls, way to use those muscles.